The white-winged vampire bat (Diaemus youngi (Jentink, )) is a group- living species that produces social calls in antiphonal exchanges. We document a new locality of Diaemus youngi in the Cerrado biome, extend the distribution in Mato Grosso do Sul state (southwestern Brazil), and present the. The white-winged vampire bat (Diaemus youngi (Jentink, )) is a group-living species that produces social calls in antiphonal exchanges.

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Diaemus youngi – #3160

This page was last edited on 7 Mayat yungi The Animal Diversity Web is an educational resource written largely by and for college students. Hairy-legged vampire bat D.

Animals with bilateral symmetry have diadmus and ventral sides, as well as anterior and posterior ends. Large fruit-eating bat A. Brosset’s big-eared bat M. The status of populations is poorly known. Transmission of pathogenic organisms by vampire bats. Retrieved from ” https: Jamaican fig-eating bat A.

Benkeith’s short-tailed bat C. The slightly re-curved lower incisors with their unique system of cusps distinguish this genus from Desmodus.


Diaemus youngi is considered a pest because individuals sometimes feed on the blood of domestic poultry species. Nowak, ; Elizondo, Habitat Regions tropical terrestrial Terrestrial Biomes rainforest scrub forest Physical Description Head and body length of white-winged vampire bats is about 85 mm, there is no external tail. We recorded one male adult in an urban remnant of Cerrado. Greater round-eared bat T.

However, all microchiropterans utilize echolocation for navigation and possibly spatial organization. However, little work has been done on this rare species, therefore the range may be larger than what has been documented. The process by which an animal locates itself with respect to other animals and objects by emitting sound waves and sensing the pattern of the reflected sound waves. Ega long-tongued bat S. There is no documented research on communication was found for this species.

Journal of Mammalogy, 80 1 Extant species of family Phyllostomidae.

White-winged vampire bat – Wikipedia

Underwood’s long-tongued bat H. They are found from Mexico to northern Argentina and are present on the islands of Trinidad and Margarita.

In addition bats use vision, smell, touch, and auditory signals for perceiving their environment. Miller placed it in a new genus, Diaemus.


Diaemus youngi – #3162

The calcar is absent. There is insufficient information on Diaemus youngi and its potential role in the ecosystem.

Aspects of locomotor morphology, performance, and behavior in two vampire bats: Allen Press, Lawrence, Kansas, pp. The population is assumed to be large.

White-winged Vampire Bat (Diaemus youngi) ยท

Diaemus youngi is the only bat known to have 22 permanent teeth. Erophylla Brown flower bat E.

The edges of the wings are white, and the membrane between the second and third fingers is largely white. Revista Brasiliera de Zoologia, 2: The forearm length is approximately mm. Keywords bats; distribution; urban area; secondary rainforest; Campo Grande. Chrotopterus Big-eared woolly bat C.

Preventive Veterinary Medicine The other two vampire bat species Desmodus rotundus and Diphylla ecaudata lack the second upper molar and only have

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