The instructions show how to do this, but it’s easy even if you don’t have instructions. There are 3 cylinders on the right side. The left one holds. Description: While the Dignitet curtain wire looks nice, it is not the most functional since it tends to sag (even when tensioned properly taut, it will. A great idea, but needs a lot of work. No detailed instructions. The screws to tighten to wire are tiny and easily lost, they wouldn’t tighten onto the wire on one of.

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It is easier to handle the bracket when marking mounting holes, and the position of the hole the dignitwt runs in is critical. After you complete the last post layout, you should have 4 strings hanging from your ceiling. Frayed cable won’t want to go into the holes. Answer when your time permits. You can install it perpendicular to the wall or even from the ceiling. Khushboo – I’m sorry, this is a very old article and we don’t remember those details, but if it was a “local hardware store” insgructions most likely it ihstructions Home Depot, Ace or Harbor Freight.

Mila – as we mention above: Our curtains were quite lightweight, so we got away with it, but I wouldn’t suggest trying to span such a huge distance. The curtain-clip feature is also quite versatile in terms of making my own curtains quickly and cheaply. Ive been looking at curtian tracks but I like this SO much better. I have found the instructions manual you need.


ikea dignitet instructions Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

Remove the tape and string. I would recommend asking the manufacturer or distributor as we haven’t tested it on anything except the light guaze fabric. Thank you soo much for this! It is shown on the page along with the hanging system.

This mark will be the center of the post bracket. Posted by Carter Dale on Sunday, July 6, That’s about the limit of my knowledge on this particular product. Does anyone know where I can get another copy? If you need to turn the post on its threads a bit to line up, that’s okay.

If they are off just a bit, don’t worry, but don’t accept 2″ or more; you’ll be able to tell the curtains are not square to the bed. I don’t know if anyone else mentioned that, and it’s not that obvious from the instructions, but when instructiins go to screw the left L post into the base, you have to do it counter-clockwise. I understand you used two types of fasteners one type to set up and one type afterwards.

Seriouslythey sometimes don’t come with instructions. Tighten the tiny nuts onto the wire. The two diagonal measurements should be the same. I’ve never been able to figure it out and have had to rely on the kindness of boyfriends to do it for me really, IKEA, would it be that hard to put WORDS with your picture-instructions?!?

Diagonally measuring your marks and getting the same distance between them means you are accurate. Once instructiosn laid out and positioned our posts, we replaced the expansion fasteners with a nylon fastener that expands behind the drywall for a more secure anchor, like the ones shown below.


Look, ignore the negative reviews. But the most important thing isn’t really the tensile strength of the cable — it is really very good — it’s what you are screwing the anchors into.

How to: Add tension to Dignitet wire curtain

Once you determine the curtain run, roughly measure the perimeter to see if you will have enough cable. I was on their website but the name “Dignitet” doesn’t match.

Once that was done, the ends of the “rope” did fit into the small holes of the bracket. Took me lots of looking but I found it!! Different types of walls will require different types of screws, and you’re whining about something that costs nearly nothing and is available practically everywhere.

Then extend the mechanism on the right side as far as it’ll go.

So, I asked my husband Bob who is always a good sport and really tall to bring his years of experience as a builder to the table to show you how to install this very cool cable wire system. Use the supplied Allen wrench to loosen the tiny nuts on the left side. I’ve had a pile of this hardware for several years, given it heavy use in a variety of applications, and it still looks and functions like brand new.

Layout The Posts Working over your head on the ceiling, is a bit difficult.