The following output formats are directly supported by doxygen: In order to get hyperlinks in the PDF file you also need to enable PDF_HYPERLINKS. Dear doxygen Users,. For the doxygen documentation, I have a html Mainpage. dox file. If a source code file name is written in it, hyperlinks to. Hi, We have an existing codebase, trying to create Doxygen documentation from the existing documentation for headers(Existing.

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See section Code Spans Limits for more info how doxygen handles code spans slightly different than standard Markdown. So although the following works fine. With Markdown any block that is indented by 4 spaces and 8 spaces inside lists is treated as a code block.

For an inline link the link text is followed by a URL and an optional link title which together are enclosed in a set of regular parenthesis.

Doxygen manual: Automatic link generation

Even though doxygen tries to following hyperlinm Markdown standard as closely as possible, there are couple of deviation and doxygen specifics additions. You can end a header by any number of ‘s. If the file starts with a level 1 header however, it is used as the title of the page.

To do so you need to indicate the typical file extension that corresponds to the programming language after the opening fence.

You have several options: During Markdown preprocessing no errors are produced. Quote blocks can also be nested. Emphasis To emphasize a text fragment you start and end the fragment with an underscore or star. It is a plain text formatting syntax written by John Gruber, with the following underlying design goal: Doxygen however requires that the numbers used as marks are in strictly ascending order, so the above example would produce 3 lists with one item.


I hyperink new to doxygen and i could not find the syntax for me to create a link from main page to a specific page in the related pages section. Go to the example you provided and let your browser show you the code of the page.

Additionally, column and row spans are supported. Go to the next section or return to the index. Hyperlnk it is set to a higher value spaces will be present in the code block. In case there is no preceding paragraph i. Doxygen can process files with Markdown formatting.

How to add links to an existing pdf as hyperlink in class documentation.

Markdown allows both a single tab or 4 spaces to start a code block. Strikethrough To strikethrough a text fragment you start and end the fragment with two tildes.

Here is an example:.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. The only difference is an additional! To show a literal backtick inside a code span use double backticks, i.

Only if you hypeelink with the indentation of paragraphs the difference is noticeable:. Right Center Left 10 10 10 For more complex tables in doxygen please have a look at: Doxygen will remove the mandatory indentation from the code block. Table columns are separated by the pipe character. Also for links hylerlink are limits; the link text, and link title each can contain only one new line, the URL may not contain any newlines.

The amount of indentation is counted relative to the preceding paragraph.

Each additional vertical bar indicates an additional column to be spanned. By default the name and title of the page are derived from the file name. For more complex tables in doxygen please have a look at: Anything that does not fit the Markdown syntax is simply passed on as-is. Generated on Thu Dec 27 The design goal for Markdown’s formatting syntax is to make it as readable as possible.


Same can also be used in combination with e.

We continue with more text in another paragraph. Horizontal Rulers A horizontal ruler will be produced for lines hjperlink at least three or more hyphens, asterisks, or underscores.

doxygen how to hyperlink to related page – Stack Overflow

Code Blocks Preformatted verbatim blocks can be created by indenting each line in a block of text by at least 4 extra spaces This a normal paragraph This doxygne a code block We continue with a normal paragraph again.

Right Center Left 10 10 10 Column spans are supported by means of directly adjacent vertical bars ” “. To refer to a markdown doxyven without such label you can simple use the file name of the page, e. The section Markdown Extensions doxyen the extensions that doxygen supports. Doxygen does not have this requirement, and will also process Markdown formatting inside such HTML blocks.

Inline Links For an inline link the link text is followed by a URL and an optional link title which together are enclosed in a set of regular parenthesis. If the label is called index or mainpage doxygen will put the documentation on the front page index. In most cases this difference does not result in different output.