These are the Races of sourcebook contains detailed information on the major and minor races that populate the world of the Dragonlance setting. Some character races are considere unusual in Ansalon, and may not be appropriate for all Dragonlance saga campaigns. You must receive permission from. The list of Dragonlance creatures attempts to list the races that can be found in the . They are physically identical to their brethren in Ansalon, but the curse of.

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Not sure if this has been asked yet, but here goes.

Even in lands where centaurs are uncommon, a centaur hero might easily appear. They are cool and curt when speaking to other races. D and the weight of the hoopak seemed a little heavy.

D&D Dungeons and Dragons D20 Dragonlance Races of Ansalon Sourcebook | eBay

However, they make up for it with their combat prowess. They could not be harmed or touched by magic. In several places in the novels, including even in the DLCS, elves are described as living quite a long time Just another generic party doing generic party things. Keena gain an extra feat at 1st level.

The sea elves have their specific air-breathing natures explained in their writeups, which trumps the standard aquatic subtype qualities. I just expected them to find an alternate method or simplify it. Price of Courage may have been my biggest project ever, but the collaboration that came about on those other books was definitely more appealing. But given that Ogre Mage, Hag’s, etc Blue dragons are charismatic and can work with mankind well. The tinker gnomes are creators of large and complex machines—sometimes complex to the point of obsolescence “This is the alarm gong that informs us that the warning bell has just sounded The elves were one of the three original races, created by Paladinegod of light.


By series name Chronological by author.

Most kender weapons are simple weapons mixed together to create an exotic weapon. No more than a human The Annotated Chronicles 1st ed.

Character Races of the Dragonlance Saga

The natural curiosity of a kender drives her away from home to explore the world. In addition, most adult centaurs take the name of one of their parents as a surname men use the name of their father or grandfather, and women use their mother or grandmother’s name.

After all, the sivak commoner with 16 strength isn’t something to scoff at. Cheers, Cam I have always gone from the “perspective” that Mishakal “granted” that ability to the Irda. When an Aurak dies, it turns into a large powerful burst of magical energy. Strangers who observe a human “patiently” explaining matters to an excited tinker gnome might mistakenly assume that they were speaking different languages.

They keep asking for a CR rating Adult gnomes of either gender stand between thirty and forty inches in height. They are strongly independent, similar to the Kagonesti people.


Second Edition stats have no bearing on 3E. Their breath weapon is a deadly chlorine gas.

Humans vary enormously in appearance, with physical traits that depend upon the region of Ansalon from which their ancestry dragonlancs be traced. The bakali are distrustful and suspicious by nature. It’s up to the player or DM to decide if the prestige class is necessary if the prestige class existed, of course. Most sea elves are good, because any evil ones are exiled as dark elves.

They are sometimes viewed as impatient by the longer lived races of Krynn. For example, you can use special racrs weapons or magic items with racially specific kender powers as if you were a kender. They are a mostly evil race usually associated with strong beliefs in honor and the sea due to their nation being located on the Blood Sea Isles. Where anssalon the “Change Shape” ability come from in the Nzunta and why?

Races of Ansalon

So talk to me about the minos, guys! Their voices are low and soft, barely above a whisper.

Originally posted by edgelett: If this adjustment would lower the character’s score to 1 or 2, his or her score is 3. They have varied golden, green and black scales and a massive turtle-like shell.