Imam Ali – Kumayl Ibn Ziyad Nakhai was a confidant amongst the companions of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as.) and this sublime Dua was first heard from the. English Arabic Chinese (Simplified) French German Greek Hindi Indonesian Italian . Imam Ali asked Kumayl to sit down, record and memorise the Dua which. Dua Kumayl (Arabic: دعاء كميل ) is a supplication famous among Shi’a for its perceived beauty And whose weapon is weeping! You can see the complete English text of Du’a Kumayl here and also here via video with English subtitle.

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I reckon that though I engilsh patiently endure the scorching fire of Thy hell, yet how can I resign myself to the denial of Thy pity and clemency? When the assembly at the Mosque had dispersed, Kumayl called at the house where Ali was staying, and requested him to acquaint him with Prophet Khidhr’s supplication.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Other than Your acceptance of my excuse and Your entering me into the compass of Your mercy. O Allah, forgive me for those sins which draw down adversities!

And how can the guards of hell threaten him when he calls out to Thee? Considered one of the famous supplications, that of Khidr, Ali choose to teach this du’a to Kumayl as his disciple.

And by Your invincibility through which You overwhelm all things. And to make me satisfied and content with Your apportionment and humble in every state. Owner of my bondage! My Protector, so how should he remain in the chastisement, while he has hope for Your previous clemency? Arabic and transliteration is included in the PDF download. Nor it is similar to the goodness and kindness Thou hast shown to those who profess Your Unity. The files you find here are NOT IN the Public domain, and the copy rights of the files still remain with the above author.

And every evil act which You have commanded the Noble Writers to record. O’ Master of my freedom! Or how should its flames burn him, while You hear his voice and see his place? I have stretched forth my hands therefore, by Thy honour, respond to my supplication and let me attain my wishes and, by Thy bounty, frustrate not my hopes and protect me from the evils of my enemies, from among the jinns and mankind o’ Thou!

My God and my Protector! Which Thou in Thy mercy hast kept secret and through Thy kindness unexposed and I pray to Thee to make my share plentiful in all the good that Thou dost bestow; in all the favours that Thou dost kukail and in all the virtues that Thou dost kumaiil to be known everywhere; and in all the sustenance and livelihood that Thou dost expand and in respect of all the sins that Thou dost englis and the wrongs that Thou dost cover up O’ Lord!


See other dua’s from Imam Ali. Have mercy upon him whose capital is hope And whose weapon is tears! And by the light of Your face, through which all things are illumined! And how much beautiful praise, dja which I was unworthy, You have kuail abroad! Forgive me my such sins as would affront my continency O Allah!

And o’ Thou who art the Lord of the universe. For which things would I complain to You? Far be it from You!

My trials and sufferings have increased and my evilness has worsened, my good deeds have diminished and my yokes of misdeeds have become firm And remote hopes restrain me to profit by good deeds and the world has deceived me with its kumaio and my own self has been affected by treachery and procrastination.

And Allah bless His messenger and the holy Imams of his household And give them abundant peace! Glory be to You, and Thine is the praise!

Dua-e-Kumayl with English Translation – دُعَاء كُميل

You art more generous than that You shouldst squander him whom You hast nurtured, Or banish him whom You hast brought nigh, Or drive away him whom You hast given an abode Or submit to tribulation him whom You hast spared and shown mercy. O He who is aware of my poverty and indigence!

O Allah, verily I ask You with the asking of a submissive, abased and lowly man to show me forbearance, to have mercy on me And to make me satisfied and content with Your appointment and [make me] humble in every state. Even though it is a tribulation and ordeal whose stay is short, whose subsistence is but little and, whose period is but fleeting.

Thy munificence towards me and through Thy mercy protect me and cause my tongue to accentuate Thy remembrance and my heart filled with Thy love and be liberal to me by Thy gracious response and cause my evils to appear fewer and forgive me my errors.

Javascript is required to use this website translatorfree translator. A Du’a, or supplication, is largely an appeal to God on behalf of oneself or another. Bestow upon me for the sake of Your having given rise [to me] with generosity and Your previous goodness to me!

I ask You by Your Truth and Your Holiness And the greatest of Your Attributes and Names, That You makest my times in the night and the day inhabited by Your remembrance, And joined to Your service And my works acceptable to You, So that my works and my litanies may all be a single litany And my occupation with Your service everlasting.


The interpretation of one’s personal interaction with God through du’a presents several differences.

So how can I endure the tribulations of the next world and the great ordeals that occur within it? Nay, Thou art far too kind and generous to destroy one whom thyself nourished and supported, or to drive away from Thyself one whom Thou has kept under Thy protection, or to scare away one whom Thy self hast given kumaul, or to abandon in affliction one Thou hast maintained and to whom Thou hast englishh merciful.

Complete text of Du’a’ Kumayl in Arabic with Trasliteration and English Translation

O Repeller of adversities! So I ask You by the power You hast apportioned And by the decision which You hast determined and imposed and through which You hast overcome him toward whom it has been put into effect, That You forgivest me in this night and at this hour Every offence I have dnglish, And every sin I have performed, And every ugly thing I have concealed And every folly I have enacted Whether I have hidden or announced it, Or I have concealed it or manifested it And every evil act which You hast commanded the Noble Writers to record, Those whom You hast appointed to watch over what appears from me And whom You hast made, along with my bodily members, witness against me.

Thou decreed a law for me but instead I obeyed my own low desires And I did not guard myself against the allurements of my enemy He deceived me with vain hopes whereby I was led astray and fate helped him in that respect Thus I transgressed some of its limits set for me by Thee and I disobeyed some of Thy commandments. And over tongues voicing sincerely the profession of Your Unity and giving thanks to You in praise. Forgive me my such sins as dau bring down calamity.

Who perfecteth all bounties and Who wardeth off all misfortunes! O’ Lord, o’ Lord!

Dua Kumayl / The Supplication of Kumayl

Widely considered a request for one’s own or a community’s well being, a du’a serves as a direct spiritual connection with God. But You —holy are Your Names—hast sworn that You will fill it with the kymail. And this world with its delusions, my own soul with its offences and my delay have deceived me.

Ali ibn Abi Talib. So he deluded me through my soul’s caprice and therein destiny favoured him. I look earnestly towards Thee and towards Thee, my Lord!