Ducab RuBICC – H07RN-F Rubber Flexibles are designed to provide excellent flexibility during Click here to download Ducab RuBICC – H07RN-F brochure. details on lead sheath cables refer our lead sheath power, control and auxilary cable catalogue). (g). (1) XLPE insulation Ultra-violet (UV) colour masterbatch. Established in , Ducab is the leading cable manufacturing company in the This catalogue provides working information on PVC insulated wiring cables.

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Ducab RuBICC – H07RN-F

Separate catalogues are available for the remaining range of Ducab Cables. It will be seen that this value is 0.

Single core cables for AC operation should not pass through steel conduit or steel gland plate, as it produces a heating effect. Again the area required depends on the characteristics of the device providing protection against short circuit. Read more Customer Service Contact our customer services customerservice ducab. These cables are manufactured for a voltage range of 1kV to 3.

Offers higher protection from water ingress and mechanical abrasion. However selecting from Table 31 with a current of A and a volt drop of 0.

Low Voltage Cables

Jointing and terminating of XLPE insulated cables does not require any special techniques. Ducab has made a major contribution to meeting these requirements, with the development of a range of Ducab Smokemaster Low Smoke Zero Halogen armoured power and wiring cables.


The details on this are provided on request. Length of cables required and individual drum lengths. Measurement and monitoring of effects, issuing work instructions, training of personnel and taking corrective actions are all essential elements to limiting the impact on the environment.

Ducab Power Plus Medium Voltage Cables |

As there is no halogen or acidic gas emission during burning of the cable, the sensitive equipment in the surrounding areas are not affected adversely. For 2 core cables, 50 mm2 and above have D-shaped conductors.

Since the actual power factor of the load is often not known, the most practical approach to the question of voltage drop is to assume the worst conditions i. The cable must be free from material and manufacturing defects, and weaknesses that will be revealed in service. Check the box to request more information.

Thread Size mm No. Aluminium round wire armour AWA is generally used for single core ac circuits as aluminium is a non-magnetic material and this will reduce losses due to armour. In addition, Ducab was presented with the Dubai Quality Awardfor the best local industrial company of the year.

At times the magitude of induced voltage could pose potential risk if no limiting device is connected at the open end. Ducab Smokemaster does not produce acid gas. Derating factor for this temp. Refer cataloggue page 35 and Table 31 for details. The key to reliability however, is in the manufacturing process. Colour of outer sheath.


Ducab Flam BICC (Dubai Cable Company (Pvt) Ltd (Ducab))

Tolerance on the above dimensions are For multipair cables additional connectors are required. Where conditions of operation can be fairly accurately estimated and knowledge of the soil along the route is available, it is possible to determine the ratings more precisely by the use of the soil thermal resistivity factors, grouping factors, and factors for the depths of laying given in Tables 3 to 6.

Corrosive acids are formed when the gases released by fire come into contact with moisture. By studying the table to find a voltage drop value equal to, or less than the 0.

Retards propagation of flame in fire situation. These are multi-core armoured cables designed as per BS with steel wire armour construction to meet category F fire test as per BS When ordering connectors specify stud hole size required.