to do the motorcycle’s maintenance. For a professional service please contact one of our Ducati’s dealers. Owner’s Manuals. Year, , , , Items 1 – 6 of 6 Ducati Monster Manuals at The Web’s most trusted source for Manuals. View our full range of Ducati Monster ABS Motorcycles online at bikesales. – Australia’s number 1 motorbike classified website. Find the best deals.

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It is a universe of fun, joy and freedom made of motorcycles, accessories and apparel. Remove the right-hand tank cover 6 releasing the tabs A from the corresponding slots B in the rear cover.

Even the simplest services, the Oil Service, have been spaced out to 12, km 7, miles or 15, km 9, milesvalues that represent an absolute reference for high performance manjal.

Page 84 Attach the fuel pipes to the retaining clips C. Operate the control to check that the inner cable slides smoothly: Tighten the screws 1 to a torque of fucati. EU Shows the outside air temperature. Ducati does not manufacture sidecars or trailers and cannot predict the effects of such accessories on handling or stability, but can only warn that the effects will be adverse and any damage to motorcycle components caused by the use of such accessories will not be remedied under warranty.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Notes Press B for jonster secs. Left-hand Handlebar Switch Left-hand handlebar switch fig.

Amnual you park in a garage or other indoor area, make sure that there is proper ventilation and that the motorcycle is not near a source of heat. Never operate the instrument panel controls while riding the motorcycle. The system is controlled hydraulically. Starting the engine 2 Move the cold start lever to position B, fig. Luxembourg nl Luxembourg fr.

Charging and maintenance of the battery fig. Page 77 Unscrew the screw 14 and recover the washer Immediately after key-off, the instrument panel remains – in the first case, if you turn the key from OFF to ON and active for 60 seconds, thus allowing the headlight to be do not start the engine within 60 seconds, the headlight Maintenance Maintenance Programmed maintenance plan: The service indiactor will remain on the display until the system is reset 669 the Ducati Service Centre who carry out the service.


DUCATI MONSTER 696 Owner’s Manual

Page Fuel, lubricants and other fluids Type litres Fuel tank, including a reserve of 3. Fit the three screws 9remembering to fit the longest screw in the lower hole, and tighten to a torque of 10 Nm. Frame Tyres Hybrid trellis frame with chromium-molybdenum coated Front steel tubes, rear aluminium subframe. Any replacement part that is equivalent in performance and durability may be used in the performance of any maintenance or repairs. The indicator illuminates to signal when a service is due.

The enjoyment of riding, 6996 and maximum containment of maintenance costs are among the main criteria that drive every engineering project in Ducati.

Lcd – Main Functions LCD — Main functions 8 11 Warning Any adjustments to the instrument panel must only be carried out when the motorcycle is stationary. The owner is responsible for the performance of all required maintenance. If the insulation is any other colour, or if there are dark deposits, renew the spark plug and describe the condition of the old plug to a Ducati dealer or 69 Service Centre. Rear Brake Pedal Rear brake pedal fig.

Storing The Motorcycle Protect the motorcycle with a specific motorcycle cover that will not damage the paintwork or retain moisture. Don’t have an account? A blown fuse can be identified by a broken filament 4, fig.

Ducati Monster – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

Label Dudati Label location fig. This system prevents the vehicle inspected and repaired by your local Ducati dealer.

General Cleaning General cleaning Warning To preserve the original shine on metal surfaces and There may be loss of braking efficiency immediately paintwork, wash and clean your motorcycle at regular after washing the motorcycle.


Remove the elastic retaining strap 19remove the caps from the terminals, unscrew the screws 22 on terminal clamps 20 and 21ducatti starting with the negative terminal, then remove the battery from its seating.

Fuses The electrical system components are protected by majual fuses located in the fusebox. EU While in this function, if you press switch 1, fig. If the level is too low, air can get into the circuit, thus indicates air in the system.

Refitting the battery Importante To install the battery dycati contact your Ducati dealer or Authorized Service Centre. Adjuster 1located on the left-hand side at the point at which the top of the shock absorber is fixed to the rear sub-frame, controls rebound damping.

Unscrew the screws 4 and 5 and recover the nylon washers 7. Multistrada Pikes Peak. Even weight distribution is critical for maintaining safety standards, and to avoid getting into difficulties when making sudden manoeuvres or riding on bumpy roads.


Remove the seat page Erase DDA If you press the switch 1, fig. Time to reconceive the heights of performance and technology and rewrite the rules of adventure.

Right-hand handlebar switch fig.

Canada en Canada fr. Braking Braking Slow down in time, change mqnual to use the engine brake, then apply both brakes. To switch the engine off, simply turn the key to position 1, fig.

The clutch lever should 2 Push down the gearchange lever firmly with the tip of not be held in longer than necessary after a gear is engaged, your foot to engage first gear.