I saw some of his stuff online: , and was curious as to if later on in life and he likes to push handstand, quadruped and grip training. I got his handstand book and gymnastic abs-decent info but WAY. Download Eddie Baran – Gymnastic Handstand Training-Manual. This book featuring Ed Baran, expands upon the three handstand exercises Matt Furey describes in Combat Conditioning. I recommend it if you are serious.

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“Create a New YOU Today!”

I’m finding the course brilliant and it shows all the faults my own abdominal programme had. Most athletes don’t, even the top martial artists and grapplers don’t know. Do I need any special equipment? Thanks so much Eddie for this one-of-a-kind program.

Raising the Bar e-book. Perhaps you’re already decent in math so you’d start in the middle of the curriculum. This is the best core training program I have ever seen. I’ve done the workout three times, and I’ve already noticed a difference.

Eddie Baran – Gymnastic Handstand Training-Manual

I’m hancstand it with my personal training clients. No stick-with-it-ness, no progress. I was already in good shape, yet this program took me to a whole new level. The mid-section is the facilitator for all movements. Now after being frustrated and discouraged he was determined that bodyweight exercises would not only make him stronger but more agile and flexibilty, he dropped the weights and focused exclusively on these exercises.

This program is for rtaining fitness enthusiast who is ready to be an elite athlete who can do something very few people in the world can do. Thank you so much for all that you promote in the way of fitness.

I didn’t start at the most advanced exercises, or even intermediate ones, but at the beginning. Add Thread to del.


Eddie Baran – Gymnastic Abs

I have a saying, “if you’re not training your entire body when you’re training your abs then you’re not really training your abs. It hits abs and everything else attached. You’ll have a blast with this and trust me using the exercises in combo with other CC exercises will not only make you stronger nandstand leaner and you’ll shed more.

How many reps of a typical abdominal exercise can you do before you want to kill yourself? As long as you are in good physical condition and you can hold yourself in a handstand position against the wall then you’re ready for this program.

Compare that with your average pumped up massive bodybuilder with the bloated gargantuan muscles; he’d break into a thousand pieces if he were to attempt even the most basic gymnastic skill. His gymnastics coach was so impressed with his understanding of gymnastic fitness that he asked Eddie to help him coach the sport, specializing in strength and conditioning for recreational and competitive gymnasts — ranging in ages from 8 to What I noticed immediately about Eddie’s selection of ab exercises was that they weren’t just working that small section of muscle over my intestines, but rather was including the whole body!

That’s why I consider it the most important question I get. Policies Terms Site Map. I highly recommend his program to anyone wanting to turn your ‘Schlitz Tumor’ into a six pack of carved granite. Also, why tell people something I’ve worked so hard to figure out and understand. Baran was extremly skeptical about this “bodyweight” Idea and thought that this was was going to be a walk in the park.

He has helped trained thousands of people in turning their conditioning levels from weak and overweight to lean and muscular machines.

We could finally put out an abs program that actually gave real results. You will build supreme body awareness, balance and physical conditioning. What a great course! So, I deeply appreciate your program and your effort. After a short while on the program he couldn’t believe the results. When training a handstand like a gymnast you will be building a supremely strong and balanced body, so powerful and conditioned that your entire body will become like steel, every muscle in hamdstand body will be connected to each other making your entire body one solid piece of steel.


As we age, we often allow ourselves to get caught up in the details of daily life, even bad habits — to the detriment of our health and well-being. Thanks for making this incredible course, it has helped me get rid of back pain and Rtaining only expect more great results from it.

I am awaiting another body transformation when I use his course to its fullest extent. Now I train for function and strength, the ripped and defined look comes as a bonus with the functional strength. I cannot remember the last time – before Eddie Baran got a hold of me – that my entire body was quaking, trembling and vibrating from an abdominal workout gymbastic such a small span of time. If that was the case then who could possibly see himself getting very far; adding more and more reps doesn’t appeal to anyone.

I hope you’re able to get it out to more people because it’s a definitely a helluva program. I can see a big difference in my abdominal appearance and strength.