Fablehaven: Secret of the Dragon Sanctuary. Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison. The Caretaker’s Guide to Fablehaven. Fablehaven Book of Imagination. Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary is the fourth installment in The New York Times bestselling Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. Publisher’s Summary Brace. Who can stop the Sphinx? Can Vanessa be trusted to help? What artifact will be found next? Find out in Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary.

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The magical creatures Mr. We will no longer be focusing on the artifacts presumably. If I’d thought about it, it was pretty much the only logical thing for the author to do. Kendra has also changed. Inside the gated woods, ancient laws give relative order among greedy trolls, mischevious satyrs, plotting witches, spiteful imps, and jealous fairies.

There are really a ton of spoilers in this.

I like how Brandon makes each book feel complete, and yet we know there is more to come. I have to say I found it quite a beautiful place to be in, if you except the dangers you would encounter as a tresspasser. The group meets back up at the entrance to the temple. These lf have been so fun to read.

It was also nice to see that the Sorenson siblings didn’t distance themselves from each other just because their powers were opposite in kind. Brandon is the author of the New York Times bestselling Fablehaven series and The Candy S Dragln Mull resides in a happy little valley near the mouth of a canyon with his wife and three children.


Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

The Sorensons have the Chronometer, but have no clue on how to use it, there are stingbulbs impersonating their loved ones and passing their secrets to their enemies almost everywhere, and there are some points where Kendra’s pessimistic and overly-suspicious thoughts in the final chapter completely make sense and seem justified.

The risks have never been more deadly. She even tries to carry out their mission alone before she learns that her team is still alive. We also got to learn some new mythology in this story – dragons, sky giants, astrids, hydras, you name it! He spent two years living in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile where he learned Spanish and juggling.

The story itself just continues to build and expand in ways I’m pleased to be a part of. He sneaks out to see him and there he learns he is a Shadow Charmer, and that he is able to hide in dim light, communicate with dark creatures, see magically invisible objects, and is immune to magical fear. He has been such an annoyance – never listening to anyone and causing all sorts of problems as a result.

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Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

In an effort to intercept the final artifacts, Kendra, Seth and the Knights of the Dawn race to strange and exotic preserves sanctuady the globe. The dialogue snaps and sizzles. Gavin heads back to try to deal with the Hydra, while the remaining group gathers the items for Thronis and the key. Published March 24th by Shadow Mountain first published I love when books forward good morals.


Can Vanessa be trusted to help? OK, so let’s break it down: This brings main characters Kendra and Seth to the Dragon Sanctuary.

This series teaches such great morals and creates situations where we can learn about right and wrong, light and darkness, good and evil.

They are based on existing types, and well blended sancthary what might be considered “accepted” lore, and lesser known but pre-existing lore.

Unfortunately, the key to the vault where the Translocator is hidden is located in Wyrmroost, a dragon sanctuary in Montana. Grip of the Shadow Plague. You need to read this series in order, because we learn more and more details that become more complex as the novels progress.

Three more remain unrecovered. I find myself writing down a lot of great swnctuary. Lists with This Book. But have you actually seen them? The Fablehaven series thus far as been about the five magical artifacts hidden on select magical preserves Fablehaven included.

View all 4 comments. More preserves face destruction as the Society of the Evening Star relentlessly pursues new talismans.

I thought it a bit slow this second read, even though I do still concur that the ‘ Oftentimes I find written action to be difficult to sacntuary, either too choppy and jerky or far too polished to feel real. The Sphinx has always given sound advice—but is he a traitor? Who can stop the Sphinx?

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