A FASA Doctor Who role-playing game resource site. Doctor Who Role Playing Game [BOX SET]. For fans this boxed set by FASA represents a mine of source material. I’m no expert on the series, but it looks like the. I’ve been trying to read the rule book for the old FASA RPG, but it is stiff going. It seems to be a mixed bag of trying to make rules and trying to.

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For the Time Lord and his Companions, these were only the first steps in a dangerous game, where one man’s ambition could bring the collapse of human history. They will stop at nothing in fasq never-ending quest for galactic supremacy. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. The random tables for personality traits and appearance may seem quaint, but having the Gallifreyan characters reroll on these when they regenerate is a highlight of the game.

It also claims the Master tried to take over Gallifrey with some adepts, including the War Chief. To achieve their goals, the adventurers must learn to understand the shifting politics and timeless culture of the Land of the Rising Sun. The cooperation of the Ydarans is vital.

An evil renegade Time Lord has allied himself fasz British tribesmen to lure a Roman army — and a Roman Emperor — into a deviously plotted trap. Written by William H. The supplement dealt with Lovecraftian monsters.

It was the mids, though and I don’t remember much about it. That was only the first mystery that confronted the Time Lord and his Companions when they set out to investigate a violent revolution in an age of turmoil, and stumbled into a plot that could end human history — and change the universe forever.


What was the ancient evil, and how had it been awakened? Stranded, cut off from help or contact with Gallifrey, the time travellers must band together to free themselves from old Japan, history from a madman’s plot, and humanity itself from oblivion in a distant but all-too-real future.

Together they can create awesomely impossible results. Rules for the Docyor Heal Rate: A character that does not increase their starting END score from its base of 6 must make saving rolls to dpctor conscious after taking any amount of fatigue or damage is taken.

FASA Doctor Who RPG Resource Site

The first used painted artwork of the Fourth Doctor and Leela as cover art, while the other two featured a collage including a publicity afsa of the two characters. I was pleased with the results, so I ran off six copies of the various Logs and started filling them up with the idea that I could someday pull them out for inspiration.

An evil renegade Time Lord has allied himself with British tribesmen to lure a Roman army — and a Roman Emperor — into a deviously plotted trap.

No real effort at DTP or presentable layout. The player simply needed paper and pencil to keep track of their stats and progress in the game.

Retrieved from ” http: The cooperation of the Ydarans is vital.

The Doctor Who Role Playing Game – Wikipedia

A more sophisticated adventure will have several possible finales, depending on decisions made by the players during the adventure. This adventure contains the deck plans of the courier ship and extensive notes to help the beginning gamemaster run a role playing adventure scenario.

At first, nothing happened. The night before my game, I could not sleep due to the traffic on the highway outside my window.


The Doctor Who Role Playing Game

The main set of three rulebooks was followed by several separately published adventures and supplements for the game, which provided details about the Daleksthe Cybermen and the Master. No act is too low or plan too outrageous for the Daleks to consider. It seems to be a mixed bag of trying to make rules and trying to describe what an RPG is.

Our game was set before the new series, doftor there were any number of Time Lords running amok. Nobody played docgor characters from the TV show. The rules are deliberately simplistic, relying on a novel ‘beat the difference’ system. Similar Threads New Doctor Who: And yet… occasionally there are crunchy, essential rules laid out there that are so important that you cannot understand the Game Operations Manual without them.

The main set of three rulebooks, one for players, one for game masters and a guidebook to docttor Doctor Who universepackaged in a cardboard box. I never bothered with the game: Particularly fun is rolling for the senses. I’ve never played it. Then, one after another, they stirred and plunged through the doors casa their cryogenic crypts.

You know nothing else about the system except for these— there is no star map, no information on gas giants or asteroid belts, nothing! The one time I played a Dr Who game in the 80’s, we used the Call of Cthulhu rules – and in fact were told that it was a game of Call of Cthulhu. Attributes range rg