Studies by Washabau, et al. have shown that in naturally occurring cases of feline megacolon, sections of longitudinal and circular smooth muscle of all parts of. Constipation is defined as the infrequent or difficult evacuation of stool. It is a common problem in cats, may be acute or chronic and does not. Megacolon occurs more frequently in cats than dogs and is usually seen in middle-aged to geriatric cats. The ascending, transverse, and.

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What are the symptoms of constipation and megacolon in cats? Inappetance, weight loss, lethargy and dehydration become features of this condition if unresolved.

felibe All in one place. In some cats, megacolon develops, in which the large intestine becomes enlarged and filled with hard fecal material.

These tests further showed that the smooth muscle was less responsive to neurotransmitters acetylcholine, substance P and cholecystokininmembrane depolarization using potassium chloride and electrical field stimulation when compared to colonic segments from healthy controls.

Feline Megacolon – WSAVA Congress – VIN

Many cats diagnosed with megacolon do not respond adequately, and surgery is the only option. Pediatric rectal suppositories may be used to help with mild constipation. Therapeutics There are five components to medically managing the megacolon patient. But it could also cause serious diseases such as urinary tract problems, pancreatitis, kidney failure and gastrointestinal Hexachlorophene containing soaps should be avoided in enemas because of potential neurotoxicity.


How are constipation and megacolon diagnosed? Abdominal radiography should be performed to characterize the mass and verify that it is, indeed, colonic impaction.

Dietary fiber is preferable because it is well tolerated, more effective, and more physiologic compared with other laxatives.

Pathogenesis, diagnosis, and therapy of feline idiopathic megacolon.

Physical Examination Impaction and enlargement of the colon is the underlying finding in all cases of megacolon. Colonic impaction is the accumulation of hardened feces in the pelvic colon and is the consequence of constipation, obstipation or megacolon. Because iatrogenic hypothyroidism may be associated with constipation, measurement of basal serum thyroxine concentration is recommended in cats with recurrent constipation after treatment of hyperthyroidism.

Washabau et al, have shown that nizatidine and ranitidine, stimulate colonic smooth muscle, in vitro. Family Pet Vet Bond.

Systemic signs, most notably vomiting, anorexia, and weight loss, may be observed in patients with prolonged difficulty defecating. Lactulose is a type of laxative and also softens the stool. The diagnosis of constipation and megacolon are usually based on the history as well as results of a physical examination, including a complete neurological exam. Simple constipation may resolve on its own with time. A thorough diagnostic investigation is needed to eliminate other potential causes from the list of diagnostic differentials.


Felnie findings were associated with decreased myosin light-chain phosphorylation, suggesting a disturbance of intracellular calcium mobilization 2 and signifying that feline idiopathic megacolon is a generalized dysfunction of colonic smooth muscle.

Vomiting in dogs can be caused by a severe GI illness, eating something rotten, a foreign body, or pancreatitis.

Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnosis.

Dietary Management of GI Disease. Treatment of Bleeding Disorders.

Pathogenesis, diagnosis, and therapy of feline idiopathic megacolon.

While there megacilon three types poorly absorbed polysaccharides [lactulose, lactose], magnesium salts [magnesium citrate, magnesium sulfate, magnesium hydroxide] and polyethylene glycols [GoLYTELY TMColyte TM ]lactulose 0. Blood Glucose in Persian Cats.

Cats with a history of chronic constipation refractory to appropriate medical therapies may require surgical intervention. Cat Spermatozoa in the Female.

Feline Idiopathic Megacolon

Perioperative, broad-spectrum parenteral antimicrobial therapy is recommended to reduce the risk for postoperative infection. Usually, the cat will be started on an oral medication called ” cisapride ,” which is given to stimulate the movement of food mfgacolon the digestive tract.

Radiology of Thoracic Trauma.