Courtesy Service Protection. Courtesy Service Protection. Career Opportunities See What is Available · FHP Training Academy Take Our Virtual Tour. Why Apply . Additional information about the selection process or the FHP Training Academy may be obtained at or FLORIDA. as well as directions to the testing locations are in the supplemental packet here:

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It was designed to create an opportunity for the recruit trooper to observe how the Florida Highway Patrol operates and to reinforce coursework. And what exactly is the real world of police work?

Last edited by Hopefull ; I’m flhemv to put that number up against any agency in the state. Public spits on us. FHP has become a training ground. That’s right, but remember that 4, people applied and only the 60 best were accepted.

Bitly. The power of the link.

Can’t say the same for the interview afterward though. Good luck Well said!! Go find a good city police ie Tampa,Orlando. TBL I am sorry about that. The biggest problem with FHP is the lack of competive pay!

He hasn’t heard anything back since his pat back in June of this year, and that he doesnt have military experience but does have college. Crotta I was told that due to the overwhelming amount of application they are receiving due to the economy for the next academy class and maybe the other one, they are leaning towards people with military or previous law enforcement experience.


Listen everyone has a function I am sure your proud of being a FWC officer, but let these guys enjoy theirs and please just go back to you web site. With all the bad guys, newspaper writers looking for a story, criminals looking to sue, college professors teaching hate for cops etc etc etc The class also donated money to Seminole Baptist Church to feed local families and gave blankets to elderly residents in Gadsden County.

Morale is mutiny horrible. He didn’t have any other information about the next certified class. They send the Supplemental Application web address to you in the mail with your letter confirming your PAT date I believe.

Nothing but some good folks who make it into our academy and leave within only a few years.

After dedicating 27 weeks of hard work and dedication, 60 men and women joined the ranks of the Florida Highway Patrol as State Troopers on Feb. Originally posted by alpha View Post. Wow, they are strict with credit.

Apply Now – Be A Trooper

Almost question literally and a rough interview after the test with the Psychological evaluator made for a 6 our process. The class was exposed to real-time and real-life scenarios that helped them develop officer safety techniques and survival skills that form the foundation for being a state trooper.


I pray to God, that I get accepted, and will do my damndest to represent in the fashion that is required of the Florida Highway Patrol.

Sixty New Troopers Ready for Patrol.

Agencies like yours still have them working for them. They say it isn’t the biggest problem.

flhsmv gov fhp career employmentpacket PDFs / eBooks

How do I get there? If you have any sense at all you will un-ass FHP and move to a better working environment, and better pay. Shooting same thing take report turn over to detective, Robbery same thing take report turn over to detective on and on. In September the members of the th visited Pyramid Inc.

If not, I may just use fhl GI bill to put me thru a self sponsored academy.

I just got my Pysch letter today in the mail scheduled for November 30th.