FM 5-482 PDF

provide extensive information about FM ( ). : Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems (FM ) ( ) by Department of the Army and a great selection of similar New , Used and. This manual, “Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems (FM ),” provides the fundamentals of planning and construction of military petroleum.

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This assembly is made up of a 1-foot-long section of steel pipe that is grooved on both ends to receive the single-grooved coupling clamp Figure Vapor pressure begins to exceed atmospheric pressure at the boiling point of a liquid. The spacing is determined by the hydraulic designs and the pump-unit capabilities. The environmental impact of such fn must be planned for. Miles of pipeline may have to be drained into tank trucks or into hastily excavated sumps.

FM Table of Contents

Topographic units have detailed topographic information that may help personnel evaluate an area and select the best route. The triangle’s altitude vertical distance represents the available feet of head pressure at the discharge of the pumping station.

If suspension kits are not available, expedient-crossing structures can be constructed. Cm kit Figure Host-nation resources will most likely support the COMMZ, the corps, and the divisional areas, as appropriate.

However, some plug valves not in the AFCS have openings equal to the full diameter of the pipe, while others do not. Coupled mf pipelines are low-pressure systems that operate at a normal working pressures of no more than psi.

Markers can be color-coded to furnish detailed information to construction crews. High-pressure hose lines are currently being tested for their shelf-life potential.


These forklifts are used to load and unload pipeline components at construction staging areas along the 5-48 trace.

The group’s headquarters develops requirements for petroleum-handling equipment, facilities, construction, and petroleum units needed to develop, operate, and maintain the system.

The set also includes gate valves, check valves, vent assemblies, elbows, pipeline anchors, culvert materials, overcouplings, and repair clamps needed for a 5-mile section of pipe. Viscosity in stokes m ultiplied by sp ecific gravity equals viscosity in poises. The normal head capacity see Table [ page of a pumping unit is the total head against which it will pump at the most efficient operating point.

These safe working pressures are b ased on the yield point of the pipe material and provide a designed minimum safety factor of 3. Pipeline suspension-bridge assemblies are available in, and foot kits. This is a portable machine used to cut and groove nonstandard lengths of aluminum or steel pipe.

The petroleum supply system must be designed for the type of operations and climate of the specific theater. The set consists of three chests that contain crowbars, shovels, brushes, files, rules, steel tapes, wrenches, lineup cages, and pipe-cleaning swabs mf to equip four pipeline-coupling crews and two pumping-station construction crews or six pipeline-coupling crews simultaneously.

The engineer pipeline construction support company has the expertise to determine the best 5-42 route from source to demand. Grading and leveling the pipeline route is undesirable from a concealment standpoint but can greatly increase the rate of construction of a aluminum pipeline system. Hinged snap-joint coupling Figure Theater army headquarters provides broad planning guidance for Army petroleum support. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.


Dynamic head is a measure of pressure, or kinetic energy, of liquids in motion. Two models of this pump are available.

If analyses show that gravity feed with either method will not provide enough suction pressure, then install a flood or 5-842 pumping station. Use the same scale to construct a new hydraulic gradient triangle. Two-way traffic will require additional space. Profiles should not be made from maps except in critical situations.

Solving this problem is based on the principle that total head or pressure loss in a section -5482 pipeline, which consists of two sizes of pipe in series, is equal to the sum of the friction losses for each size and length of pipe. Make a new hydraulic gradient triangle for the standard pipe using the same scale as the pipeline profile.

Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems (FM 5-482)

Repairing a leaking or broken pipeline can be extremely hazardous and life-threatening. Taking time to correct past mistakes may mean that dm pipeline does not keep pace with advancing combat operations.

The lightweight pipes are also referred to as tubing. These characteristics are weight density, specific gravity, American Petroleum Institute API gravity, viscosity, temperature, and pressure. For example, if you have two operating staging areas with 10 miles of components each and five available crews, each crew would have a 4-mile sector or 20 miles divided per five crews. Use graphite rings in the packing plan. Pressure-regulating valve Figure