Raven is a deeply disturbed teenager, who, after witnessing the death of his mother, is placed in foster care. The Russells do their best to earn his trust, but only. Buy a cheap copy of From Where I Stand book by Tabitha Suzuma. Raven is a deeply disturbed teenager, who, after witnessing the death of his mother. From Where I Stand by Tabitha Suzuma – book cover, description, publication history.

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Try it for 30 days for free with no strings attached. Losing a parent is hard, but I would imagine that losing two parents is even harder, especially when your living with a secret so deep and so dark that it causes hell wherre breathe in your every action, word and motive.

From Where I Stand by Tabitha Suzuma

I really felt for Raven and wanted him to be happy in his new family but could really believe how broken he had become from what he had experienced. I think that its just something that perhaps all readers will be able to connect to in their own individual ways.

This book fits into the category of my own choice as it doesn’t seem to fit into any other box. He did the right thing, suspension be damned. I’m soooooo sick of finding a million books with the same ignorant, “clever”, and love-struck protagonist girl and only like 5 with a good, genuine, realistic teenage boy protagonist.

From Where I Stand

I was so, SO nervous it would have another sad ending, and I really wanted Raven to be okay. I wanted to take his pain away and from him to be happy. I think Goodreads needs to introduce a half-star policy, because this book is alot better than other books I’ve given 4stars, but I’m kind of a 5star scrooge: Aug 21, Conor McHugh rated it liked it.


Tabitha Suzuma was born in and lives in London. An unexpected companion comes It sounded interesting though. Because then when tabirha do, they turn you away and shut you down.


Jackie and Dan are very caring and persevering, even when they have trouble understanding Raven. That being said, I think she left the “big reveal” about Raven until too close to the sazyma. His new school is at first a nightmare, but he makes friends with a girl called Lotte who is bored of all her boring friends. An unexpected companion comes in the form of Lotte, a classmate bored by her ‘ordinary’ friends.

Together, they track down Raven’s mum’s killer, with the goal of exposing him to the police. But their carefully crafted plan goes dangerously wrong and suddenly nothing is as it seems. The glass made a chattering sound as it fell from his hand to the floor. I like how she likes books about real life.

I could fully relate to him when he said something like, “God is a lot like Santa Clause to me. Overall, I liked living in this book.

This pain, heartbreakingly, is the only thing that makes the other pain even close to bearable. However, i don’t think tbitha was needed. People would rush over to you, bend over you, and someone would pull out a mobile phone and call an ambulance. These two sentences say a lot and more in Ravens case. Raven is monosyllabic and uncommunicative and you can tell he’s been through a lot.


Together, they plan to track down Raven’s mum’s killer. It was stressful thinking about what was going to happen to Raven.

Meanwhile, at school, bullies are making his life a living hell. We have so much in common. All you have to do is let go and kneel down. The way the book is written is emotionally tugging and pulling. Why does this always happen?

It kind of frustrates me, but they seem to slowly be making their way back into the speed of things. By the time the sazkma arrived, a small gaggle of bystanders would have formed and one of the would be looking up, pointing at the third-floor balcony.

An amazing story of friendshipwith the biggest twist at the end. I fell for Raven’s despair and sadness, bu Cover: Look, I’m right here, you can’t possible fall. He tsand a bestfriendher name is Lotte and together the hope to catch Ravens mums killer, Little does Lotte knowThere’s more that meets the eye to his mums death.

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