fscommand() is a function that enables a Flash movie to communicate with the application that’s currently holding the movie. The following are examples of. If anyone could help me it would be most appreciated; I am trying to load and external movie into my main movie but here`s the thing I want my. In Air projects, you can use below code to run targeted file in your OS default application: ePath(“”).

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Understanding and Using fscommand()

Join your peers on the Internet’s largest technical computer professional community. Sign up using Email and Password. Several companies make software to extend the functionality of a Flash movie. These applications extend Flash’s capabilities with hundreds of commands. Using fscommand “fullscreen”,”true” and loadMovie Thanks guys I figured it out fscommand “allowscale”,”false” ; RE: Using Fscoommand Handler Methods.

It’s simple to use an FSCommand from within Flash. Triggering Scripts Using Component Events. Register now while it’s still free! For more information, see the Director Support Center at www.

Using the Key Class to Add Interactivity. The example is at the bottom of that page.


In drawa click event listener is added named clickHandlerwhich responds to click events by directing Flash Player to exit using another call to fscommand. In other words, if you use the exec command to call an application, the application must reside in a subdirectory dscommand fscommand.

Post as a guest Name. Macromedia Training from the Source. To execute this AppleScript from Flash, you name it for example, launchCatalogsave it in the fscommand folder, and create a script within your Flash movie similar to the following:.

actionscript 3 – Opening an External SWF file using fscommand – Stack Overflow

It will not work from browser, for example. The EXEC fscommand is the only escape hatch that Flash provides, and it works, but fscojmand are a few limiations. Writing Your First Script. This functionality will become clearer as we progress in this lesson. The application can’t have any spaces or special characters in the file name. The following AppleScript opens the file named catalog.

SWF Studio and FSCommand EXEC

Validating Against a List of Choices. In Flash Player 10 and later running in a browser, using this method programmatically to open a pop-up window may not be successful. When opened, this file contains and plays your SWF movie, and is sent fscommahd by your movie.


You can’t provide a path to the file you want to launch, it has to exist in a special sanboxed folder. Most of these products take an SWF file and wrap it within a powerful executable shell. This is not intended to be extensive instruction on how to create AppleScripts, but rather a simple demonstration of how AppleScripts can be vscommand via Flash.

If trueall key events are sent to the Flash player. Creating Custom Context Menus. Controlling Movie Clips Dynamically. Targeting a Parent Movie. The parameter is the filename of the application to open. String — A string passed to the host application for any use, or a command passed to Flash Player. Reacting to User Interaction.

The following example shows how fscommand can be used to direct Flash Player to go into full screen mode and not allow scaling.

fscommand(“exec”,”” | Adobe Community

Automating Scripts with Loops. Creating a Sound Object. If falsethe player window is still resizable, but the movie playing inside it remains at its original size.