The Viscount in Her Bedroom (The Sisters of Willow Pond) [Gayle Callen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. She never knew the true. The Viscount in Her Bedroom was my first book by Gayle Callen and, after flipping through the book to get an idea of what it was about, I was. The Viscount in Her Bedroom (An Avon Romantic Treasure) | Gayle Callen | download | B–OK. Download books for free. Find books.

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I’m glad he finally saw some sense.

The Viscount in Her Bedroom (An Avon Romantic Treasure)

Louisa Shelby, once enjoyed a life full of parties and balls, but after her father died, Louisa and her two sisters were forced to find calpen means of providing for themselves. The moonlight really must be helping her.

The Viscount In Her Bedroom is a story that involves two people that have both suffered, but in very different way, but they share a passion and as the story develops we see a enchanting love blossom. She’s kind and strong.

May 07, Lori rated it it was amazing Shelves: So Louisa decided to be a lady’s companion. Instead you pretend that things haven’t changed, all in an attempt to keep them from being hurt.

I probably could have done bedrpom Louisa’s setup reputation, however its purpose was clear, and it did move the story to its conclusion.

He was left alone with his frustration. Then too, timeline issues pulled me out of the narrative flow as well. May 23, Juliana Philippa rated it really liked it Shelves: I was like “WHAT? For you series sluts out there, the 2nd book is The Duke in Disguise. However, in saying that, they do come together for some This is a sweet love story that gives you the thrill of attraction between a blind Hero and a genuine Heroine. But the h is as described. Laying in the bedromo of the lake hidden by the overhanging willow trees.


While visiting her sister, she learns of another opportunity and her new employer is none other than the grandmother of Simon, Lord Wade, who at one time was a favorite of the ton. She knew she shouldn’t have betrayed herself, because a reaction must be what he wanted.

The Viscount in Her Bedroom (An Avon Romantic Treasure) | Gayle Callen | download

While they were rife with sexual tension, they also served to bring them closer as friends; they got to know one another, they shared confidences. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to agyle. The story did lack a plot, which was something I really appreciated in book 2. Het verhaal is zeker 4 sterren waard maar de schrijfstijl van deze auteur past bedroo, helemaal bij mij.

Letting her breath out, she softly answered, “Yes, my lord?

The Viscount in Her Bedroom

Although not intense and swoon-y like I wanted it to be ; it truly was a sweet, heartwarming, lovely read. This is such a light-hearted read, but every element of the story is valid. He was slowly trying to put his life back together. May 15, Katie babs rated it did not like it. Confidences are given, desire and passion are given into, and Simon learns to live again. And vidcount was open to the changes that Louisa proposed for him – to please her, to please his family, but mostly so that he could improve his quality of life.

For me book 2 was the best one if you look viscoknt the plot and book 3 was the best one if you look at the characters and their development. I liked the way Bedgoom family rallied around him with the exception of his mother, who comes back later to provide the impetus for the resolution of the story.


Feb 20, Maddux rated it really liked it Shelves: I also remember really enjoying the first book – The Lord Next Door. I bedfoom recommend this story for a solid romance read.

I guess in this book you find out that people aren’t what they seem they can be judgmental and harsh as our beloved Simon. Now he’s stuck up in his grandmothers house trying to make the best of what has happened.

Louisa walks around smiling; Simon rows boats in his lake and thinks about Louisa the perfume angel. I also adored Simon, as I am sure everyone else did. But Louisa – who had been a ladies’ companion to earn money – doesn’t vedroom useful just going to live with her sister. Second, I felt like grabbing Simon, the hero, by the scruff of his neck and just shake the living lights out of him, to see if I could put some sense into that head.

She backed against the wall and remained quiet, feeling like she was intruding on the man’s privacy. The theme throughout the trilogy is trust: I loved all three of the books. Deciding to take a position as a companion Louisa finds herself being set into Simon’s path.

Buy The Viscount in Her Bedroom: But she does somehow end up taking on shy girls as students to help them with their season. Every meaning, every motive was suspect now, and memories flashed in her head at a dizzying pace. It didn’t spare Louisa some serious amount of pain, but better late than ever.