Late last night, Buzzfeed obtained what brokers at the firm John Thomas Financial Inc. call the “Golden Pitchbook.” In it is a scripted. An internal document, known as the “Golden Pitchbook” to senior brokers at John Thomas Financial, has been leaked and it is very, very sexist. A top secret ‘golden pitchbook’ dating back to Bear Stearns circa has surfaced on Buzzfeed. It is not a pitchbook in the M&A all-nighter.

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You went through a lot of work to get the text out. The second one is just weird. You Pigchbook It Close During your lifetime, you’ve accumulated a good sized net worth, haven’t you? I’d call that a Major League homerun, wouldn’t you? Now act logically and pick up the shares. Performance Close Let me say something with all sincerity, I do pitchbolk care iif you take one share or 10, shares.

Is you main concern the risk of losing money?

Late Lunchtime Links: Secret ‘golden pitchbook’ gets public airing | eFinancialCareers

If anyone has questions I’ll answer almost anything you want to know. In terms of timing, if pitchblok determined that we should make thiis investment in 2 weeks or 2 months, pifchbook would have contacted you at that point. At first we started small, now they’re some of my biggest clients.

Own the stock here, give me the shot to show you what I am all about, give me 60 to 90 days and believe me, you will be very impressed!

How yolden you deal with the business getters vs compliance mentality that seems prevalent in the industry? If we thought next month was the time to buy, I would not be calling you today.


Please click the verification link in your email to activate your newsletter subscription. I will also want referrals from you, but only after I have earned them.

Let me ask you a question, you met your wife, but you did not jump into bed with her on the first night did you? Fundamentally, it is a golden sales manual. Click here to manage your subscriptions. The leaked “Golden Pitchbook” from one of Wall Street’s more notorious brokerage firms; its high pressure sales tactics reads like it’s straight out of Boiler Room self.

John Thomas Financial’s “Golden Pitchbook” – Download Now!

If I’m reading you right, your prime concern is to be as certain as possible that you make the right decision, regardless or whether you think about it for two weeks or two minutes. Go ahead and make your pitcbbook calls, but let’s get the order in now, on my pricing and timing. You are going to make money in the biggest bull market we have seen since Prospect it seems as thought you reaction is very common with new accounts and referrals. I am not going to let you down! pitcybook

At the end of 90 days, you are either going to work with me bigger and better in size or you are going to take my card and file it in that trash can next to your desk. To make exception returns, you must but on value and at the goldeb timing. Please sign in with Facebook or Pitchhook below: We are not buying this stock for earnings; we are buying it for a takeover, which I feel is eminent.

Wall Street firm’s “Golden Pitchbook” is totally sexist, full of lies |

Share investment ideas and insights 3. My worst nightmare is to lose money for my clients.


I am here because I pitchhbook to be. You need to understand what we are doing here. These are the only two requirements you have to satisfy to be successful whether you buy antiques, paintings, real estate or any other investment.

From the office to family, you have more important things to worry about. Enter a valid email address. If it doesn’t work out, I wont ask you for another trade but when I come back to you in three months and the stock is up, I want you to tell me where our relationship goes from there fair enough?

You married your girlfriend right? Stock is at a level at which we don’t believe we’ll see again Prospect with all due respect, I am on Wall Street. Popular job sectors Popular job sectors Loading I don’t know if it’s only exploitative.

You will not regret it! Is this the type of thing that any knowledgeable investor would take part in, or is it just meant to exploit people who don’t really know what they’re doing? If we pick up the stock and I am totally right do you think you are going to listen to my next recommendation? The reason my clients retain a broker like myself is for my exact pricing and timing.

Wall Street firm’s “Golden Pitchbook” is totally sexist, full of lies

How does one do this? Full of excellent links to videos, articles, and books.

I am just talking to you as a businessman. It’s water under the bridge, everyone gets a second chance.

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