PRODUSE is an joint initiative by GIZ and EUEI PDF to broaden the knowledge about the background and the promotion of Productive Use of Energy. Contents. Quarterly news on GIZ’s work on energy and climate protection. A service First High-Level Meeting of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership – EUEI PDF support to. Seite 1. Mapping of Energy Initiatives and Programs in Africa. Report on:

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Financial Modelling for Kenyan Public Authorities. Partners of Finland’s development policy. Development cooperation When travelling or residing abroad Ekei to top Acknowledgement of paternity. Promoting private investment in mini-hydro power: The attainment of these objectives is followed by collecting information.

Target region The target region defines the region where the programme or project is gtx out. Finnish passport and identity card Back to top Applying for a passport or an identity card. Current affairs Back to top Press Releases. Opportunities in development cooperation for companies Back to top Opportunities in development cooperation for the private sector.

Agenda — Sustainable Development Goals. Vocational Training for Renewable Energy. Development cooperation appropriations Back to top Finland’s development cooperation appropriations.

Promotion of export and internationalisation Back to top Team Finland services offered for companies by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Support geothermal training at 4th African Rift Geothermal Conference. Technology, Innovation and Capacity Development which aims at developing the eueo generation of energy professionals in Africa and supporting gtx development and innovation.


Any geographical maps are for informational purposes only and do not constitute recognition of international boundaries or regions; GTZ makes no claims concerning the accuracy of the maps nor assumes any liability resulting from the use of the information therein.

Experiences from EU Support Instruments pdf, 0. Publications Back to top Policies and guidelines. Registered at Local court Amtsgericht Bonn, Germany: Development of a Tgz Structure for Renewable Energy.

About RECP

The information in this website has been carefully researched and diligently compiled. GTZ assumes no legal liabilities for damages, material or immaterial in kind, caused by the use or non-use of provided information or the use of erroneous or incomplete information, with the exception of proven intentional or grossly negligent conduct on the side of GTZ.

A programme or a project may also operate in more than one field of activity. Accessing Africa’s Renewable Energy Markets.

Government and ministries Media. Funding channel Funding for the activities of a programme or a project is channelled through a funding channel. Legal affairs Back to top Public International Law.

Advanced scoping for technical capacity building on small hydropower in East Africa. The Finnish Government comprises 12 ministries, each responsible for the preparation of matters and the functioning of administration within its own sector. A programme or a project may also have objectives that are not included in the objectives monitored by the Committee and that are not listed here. Rapid Response Policy Advisory. Field of activity The field of activity defines in which field of activity a programme or a project is implemented.

Development of a Regional Renewable Energy Policy. Contact us Links Sitemap Legal notice.


More information about the activities tgz the RECP can be found in the menu to the left. The programme is being implemented in a mix of in-country as well as global activities that are structured into four interlinked sub-components: Household Cooking Energy Plan. Supportive framework conditions for green mini-grids.

Before you travel abroad Back to top Parental consent for a child’s holiday travel. Geothermal Policy and Strategy Support.

International treaties Back to top Treaties for which Finland is the depositary. Arctic cooperation Back to top Finland’s arctic cooperation.

About RECP | EU Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Facility

This site contains links to third-party web sites. Special target group A special target group is a vulnerable group of people susceptible to exclusion or discrimination whose position the programme or project will improve.

In development cooperation projects, the funding channel may be, for instance, an organisation that implements the project in full or in part, or the Embassy of Finland in the target country that channels the funds to a local organisation implementing the project.

Foreign policy planning and research Back to eusi Research projects in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Description What is done in the programme or project and why, what results are pursued, who benefits from the activities and who are involved in the implementation. Monitoring of development cooperation. Meta Navi Footer EN. RECP Flyer pdf, 0. B2B Off-grid Matchmaking Session.