The TEG® Hemostasis Analyzer System provides a more complete .. TEG are trademarks or registered trademarks of Haemonetics Corporation in the. Consult HAEMONETICS’s entire TEG ® catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/8. Consult HAEMONETICS’s entire TEG Hemostasis Analyzer System catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/8.

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TEG 5000 Haemonetics U.S.A

To change the default sort order, click on one of the headings e. Click Ref to view reference tracing The patient sample is displayed in white, while the reference tracing is shown in red unless the video setting for these tracings has been changed in the haemonetcs preferences, in which case, those settings override the defaults.

The import procedure is documented in Chapter 7. Start Access, and follow these steps to import your data Note that some of the prompts haemonetiics vary, depending on which version of Access you are using: You can print two types of blood sample reports or listings of patient IDs and names at any time. Optional field settings Click Next or Finish.

TEG 5000 Thrombelastograph Hemostasis Analyzer System

Page 1 Chapter 1: The first screen presented asks you to select a patient and, for privacy purposes, asks that you assign a code to identify the patient. Certain common hemostasis conditions e.

Click Continue to go to the Print preview screen. Ellison N, Jobes DR, editors. The haemoneticd portion of the data panel displays the numeric results generated by the analyzer. The column display changes to SP2.

TEG Thrombelastograph Hemostasis Analyzer System | eBay

Effective Hemostasis in Cardiac Surgery. Make sure the cupwells are clean and dry. The column display changes to SP1. If you click on the Patient ID field in the status bar, the Edit case screen is displayed and any patient information can be edited, as described below in the section named “Case Management. Always use the proper precautions e. Page 19 Interrelationship of Parameters Chapter 2: Hemostasis and the need for improved assessment Hemostasis is a natural, regulated process within the coagulation continuum.


QC samples are copied, if any exist, providing the option is set in the User Profile to transfer samples.

TEG® Thrombelastograph® Hemostasis Analyzer System – Haemonetics®

Clot with tooltip The Clot button in the panel toolbar toggles the display of the clot on and off. Filter criteria specification Each different type of filter is presented on its own tab. An excerpt on this section is shown here: Then click as many tracings as you would like to view together select from either the tracing panel or from the data panel.

Your currently opened database is closed before opening the new one. Other products mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. LY30 and LY60 represent the fibrinolytic process that took place during those 30 or 60 minutes.

If you select In an existing table, make sure that the data structure is exactly the same as the one you are importing or the import will generate errors. Press haemoneticcs index key A again to exit.

You can select samples for specific sites; for example, suppose you are in OR3 and wish to view only the samples from OR3 for the selected patient. On the Main Menu, click on File, then on Open.

To go back to the Main screen, double-click anywhere on the screen or click on Main in the toolbar. Hemostasis diagnosis and treatment decisions are sometimes difficult to arrive at. Note that if you use a bar code scanner, you can scan your Operator ID from a badge, etc. In addition, a “case summary” report can be generated that provides an overview of the progress of a case. Browse lets you traverse the directory tree to locate your database.


Open the catalog to page 4. Next, you must log in to gain access to the system. Case Blood products tab Similar to the Rx tab, it allows entry of type, amount, and date of blood product administered, and, if entered here, will be incorporated into the numeric and graphical trends in the case summary report.

Note that the birthdate does not affect the entry of the age field in the upper part of the screen.

D Use caution when deleting samples. If the R parameters are the same, enough protamine was given to neutralize all administered heparin, in the case of CPB or endogenic heparin during liver reperfusion stage. Normal tracings represent the normal shape of a tracing for a specific sample type and are stored from session to session.

Using the up and down arrows Bset to hqemonetics desired temperature. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation. Click on Site in the local toolbar. Then click on Hadmonetics.

The login procedure was documented in Chapter 4, but is slightly haejonetics for users who are logging in to run samples. Computer required for TEG system operation to be obtained from your IT or purchasing departments or through an external source. Open the catalog to page 7. Click Cancel to abandon the printing.

You can also access: In addition, you can resize or reposition the data panel as you normally would in Windows, and the program remembers the last position and size, even if you haemnoetics closed the panel. Sample identifying information for a channel Channels are listed in numerical order by default. See Chapter 4, page