Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. British space opera author Hamilton (The Misspent Youth (The Commonwealth Saga) by [Hamilton, Peter F.]. Misspent Youth [Peter F. Hamilton, Steven Crossley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After decades of research, scientists of the. A gripping near-future novel by bestselling author Peter F. Hamilton. A stunning reissue of Misspent Youth, a gripping introduction to the world of Peter F.

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Set aroundit describes the story of Jeff Baker, an inventor who revolutionises the world by creating the ultimate method of information storage and, instead of selling it, offers it open source. But it’s also an example of hamikton how this book makes even its biggest moments feel trivial.

MISSPENT YOUTH by Peter F. Hamilton | Kirkus Reviews

I am reading it because I have some completist bug for Hamilton. A very experienced bag hamiltonn hormones. Sure, sure, Hamilton has never exactly shied away from melodramatic moments even in his most thrilling stories.

Impressed by this act, Tim finds it in him to forgive his father and Annabelle. Energised by his new youthfulness, he has a series of affairs.

Commonwealth Universe prequelCommonwealth Saga 0. Characters ride around on electric motorbikes, and European society has changed somewhat drastically, politically speaking. First off, that this story was a recently written prequel to sort of backfill some Commonwealth Universe history it isn’t, this book was written well before all the others back in While there are global ramifications to what transpires in this near-future, entirely earthbound story, mostly the book just offers a love triangle formula that can be summed up thus: Even the family drama is not much of a drama With hindsight, it was never going to be as popular as my other works.

Kirkus Reviews described the novel as ” Flowers for Algernoncentering on sex instead of brains.


Its core plot deals with a father and a son and their struggle to connect again afer the intrusion of advanced medical technology in their lives. But I yluth really care about these people for most of it. The situation is set up masterfully by the author and it becomes a real page turner and then an absolutely laughable outcome wraps things up nicely.


I like Peter F. As might be surmised from the above description, Misspent Youth is largely character-driven and as such has a imsspent cast of protagonists. And by that I mean we have two techs put on a pedestal here. If you dislike Peter F. But Jeff finds himself attracted to Annabelle, and while giving her a ride home after Tim got too drunk at a school dance, they start a tawdry affair behind Tim’s back and fall in love.

Several times there were characters that call out the protagonists for the a-holes they actually are and the response is: Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. But it does give this otherwise safe novel what little edgy commentary it has. To sustain his sexual appetite, he starts popping Viagra by the handful, and only incidentally begins to notice he’s destroying his marriage and his son.

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Ultimately, though, all this takes a backseat to the characters’ sexual escapades. Aug 25, Bradley rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s in my library alongside the other PFH works, but it’s missent one I’ll re-read.

This is really a young adult book with a small tinge of SF.

Jeff Baker, founder of the datasphere, is the first person to be chosen for a new and highly expensive rejuvenation treatment, which completely reverses the aging process in almost every way. To put it succinctly: One Europe keen to show the world it leads the way in scientific advancement, and so picks a famous scientist to undergo DNA resequencing, turning back the clock on ageing.

SF : Misspent Youth / Peter F. Hamilton ☆☆

PFH has always been very happy to stuff sex in his books. Here, we’re presented with a moderately SFnal television prime time sudser, the sort of thing the Sci Fi Channel oh, excuse me, the “Syfy” Channel might cook up, were they to try their hand at something like The Hills or The OC.


No plot, no sci-fi part other than rejuvenation thing, just lots and lots of sex. The really incredible thing that Hamilton manages to make these things important to the story, not just using the story as a sounding board for his opinions. What isn’t up for debate, however, is how much I enjoyed reading this thought-provoking book. It should not be the first book of his you read. How he and everyone else copes with those missteps forms the bulk of the second half of the story.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Jul 30, Luke rated it did not like it. Book published by Pan Books in A commonplace of recent “hard” SF is the idea of very long lifespans and rejuvenation of the body. Right now though I don’t feel much motivated to find out Usually I find it gratuitous, but in this book it does sort of seem to be the point.

Manhattan in Reverse The Web story series. I liked the general plot of rejuvenation, just disliked the storyline of a father having sex with his sons girlfriend after said rejuvenation, found it to be very mediocre in execution. This page was last edited on 5 Decemberat The two main characters in the story are Tim, and his father Jeff.

See all 3 questions about Misspent Youth…. Maybe it’s just the way he writes? I started reading this one first to catch a glimpse of the Commonwealth Universe, as it takes place years misspnet the events in Pandora’s Star.

He is best known for writing space opera.

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