TI Designs. Design Features. This reference design is an EMC-compliant industrial. • Two-Wire Interface to HIPERFACE DSL Encoder. interface to a two- wire. HIPERFACE® DSL (Sick AG) is equivalent to the two-wire RS standard with a transmission rate of MBaud. The data transmission is. SICK is opening up its protocol for HIPERFACE DSL®: Is the one cable connection for electric motors soon to be the automation standard?.

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High-resolution motor feedback system for dynamic servo drives. The cable length between the speed controller and the feedback system can be up to meters. Servotronix Motion Control Ltd. It can also transfer signals from other sensors integrated into the digital motor feedback protocol.

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Detection and ranging solutions. Due to its digital nature, this standard is capable not only of transmitting the absolute positions and speeds measured by the feedback system, but also of performing functions that extend much further.

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Hiperface DSL | Kollmorgen

With their up to mm long, very fine line, the new variants of the optical O miniature sensors can reliably detect irregularly shaped or perforated objects such as printed circuit boards, mesh boxes or even donuts. Preventive maintenance possibility Foresighted dls can prevent unplanned machine downtimes.

While it is pretty much taken for granted that drives will take on additional tasks in relation to condition monitoring, motors and sensors are also emerging more and more as independent participants within an intelligent network. This increases machine availability and supports time management of the machine.



The website uses own cookies and third-party cookies to send advertising messages in line with the user’s online navigation preferences. In practice, the HDSL signal uses the two wires to monitor the temperature and, in turn, transfers the Celsius values required for operational safety via the DSL protocol. For example, something that may be impossible with a resolver — such as collecting further sensor signals at the feedback system — can indeed be achieved with intelligent digital feedback.

Just by virtue of this fact, they have significantly reduced technical risks from a purely statistical perspective. More safety Safety in function and investment, fault-free operation of the plant, error-free and fast working.

Reducing the drag chain Only one cable between the inverter and motor cuts the drag chain in half and enables rapid cabling and fewer sources of error.

Other sensor producers will also start using the single-cable technology — discussions are already underway. Smart motor hipwrface can be used to record service life data from the motor and accordingly to draw conclusions regarding failure probability and life expectancy.

For more information on the event, visit the Show Web site. SICK is one of the world’s leading producers of intelligent sensors and sensor solutions for factory, logistics and process automation.

Sick opens up its Hiperface DSL servodrive technology – Drives and Controls Magazine

Diese Nachricht nicht mehr anzeigen. Accessories Always the right accessory for your sensor and your application.

This means that all users can now use a secure, hiperfae and open communication interface for servo drive technology. It occurs synchronously to the controller cycle, which may be as short as They offer secure single-turn absolute position-sensing and electronic label capabilities.

  ELO 1537L PDF

The interface complies with the international standard for safety integrity level 3. In doing so, motor feedback via the motor cable opens new possibilities for the architecture of servo drive systems.

Continuous condition monitoring for hiperfaace servo drive enables remote hiperfac of temperature, speed, LED current, supply voltage and rotation speed – throughout the entire service life.

The trailing cable installation becomes significantly smaller. Cookies helfen uns bei der Verbesserung unserer Website. The company has now decided to make the previously proprietary interface available as an esl protocol, and xsl that the move will reduce the number of servodrive interfaces in use.

In many applications, the servo drive can be designed one size smaller. The protocol therefore has real potential, similar to USB, to become the digital connection of the future. Why waste valuable space with twice as many cables when installing the entire system could be much smarter and compact with half the effort? The reduced number of required connections makes a more compact motor design possible.

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Baumer Baumer is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of sensors, encoders and components for automated image processing Learn more about Baumer. Rockwell Automation unveils a new logo an Only one cable between the inverter and motor cuts the drag chain in half and enables rapid cabling and fewer sources of error.