La historia de la “YEKNEMILIS A. C. ” está vinculada estrechamente a la historia . en la construcción de viviendas, manejo de ecotecnias, en la elaboración de. Nov 13, Explore nadieco’s board “Ecotecnias” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Arquitectura y arqueología incaica Inca Architecture, Historia. Art Attacks by Filthy Luker | Take a Quick Break Historia Del Arte, Calle,. Visit. Discover ideas about Historia Del Arte. Art Attacks by Filthy Luker | Take a Quick .

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But today, companies must work outside Spain, since there is hardly any projects in the internal market.

The initial capital was But sometimes luck favors the bold ones; in July the CDTI Centre for Industrial Technological Developmentan agency under the Ministry of Industry, announced a competition in the framework of the national plan promoting research and technological innovation, funded by the Ministry, for the design and construction of KW and 25 KW wind turbines.

It will be another historic mistake. This park was inaugurated in Januaryand along with another park, also in Tarifa, formed the largest wind farm in Europe 30 MW. Everything seems to indicate that Renewable Energies are going to pay for it, accused of being the cause of the shortfall. This society bought turnkey a 10 MW windfarm 66 kW turbines installed in Tarifa, with a total investment of 1. At that moment, no member resigned from his previous regular activity. But the crisis arrived, and with it, regulatory changes and cuts in state aid.

Publica un comentari a l’entrada. The objective of the cooperative was promoting technology available worldwide and enabling a better use of local resources as well as the use of renewable energy, respecting the environment and, in the framework of the work organization, being participative. After the constitution of the company a difficult period followed. The Electrical lobby has won the battle.


In this context a group of engineers associated with the ecological thinking and motivated by the forms of alternative work organization began to meet to explore possibilities of starting a company that would develop in practice alternative technologies. Joaquim Corominas, then a professor at the Ecotechias of Telecommunications Engineering, and Josep Puig, who was doing his doctoral thesis on wind energy under the direction of Corominas- were the promoters of the group, soon joined by Pere Escorsa, then hietoria professor of Economics at the School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona.

In Catalonia, antinuclear demonstrations were frequent. The different technologies will have to pay soon new taxes: In the ranking has changed: The Government prepares an energy reform ecotecnkas is clearly committed to nuclear energy, planning to extend in ten years the life span of nuclear plants. I will divide my intervention into two parts. In the late 70’s, Spain was in political transition after the long period of dictatorship.

The previous ecotecinas formed the “veteran” core yearswhich was expanded with the gradual incorporation of young engineers who had just finished their career.

InSpain occupied the second position in the top world countries in cumulative capacity with Political parties and trade unions emerged from clandestine ecotecnlas in a process that culminated in with the approval of the new Constitution in Parliament.

Soon Spain will no longer be at the forefront and will become a residual country, ignoring the continual recriminations from Brussels for the abandonment of renewables.

Vida Rural Sustentable

They rented a small room in an apartment in Barcelona where the company was domiciled. This has led to a paralysis in the Spanish market for renewable energy. Many aspired to a different type of development. Frankly I think my colleagues deserve this prize more than me, but I am proud to represent here the whole team.

In this turbulent period, the country was recovering freedoms. In Januarybegan to export wind turbines to Japan, where it has a technology transfer and commercialization agreement with the company Hitachi Zosen.


The very rapid growth experienced by the company in the 80s and 90s of the last century, fired its need for capital. The act was signed by eight of the nine members of the group, since one was doing military service.

About employees worked in the company and its turnover was million, approximately.

There were no resources to build a first prototype of wind turbine and, therefore, there was nothing concrete to offer. The first attempts to get a loan that would allow building the prototype failed, the delegate of a major bank office in Spain answered: Comentaris del missatge Atom.

Proyectos especiales

Right now the government seems very concerned about the electricity tariff shortfall, estimated about At this time, environmental movements began to be significant, expressing their concerns regarding the increase of pollution and disasters such as the toxic gas leak in Seveso, the mercury poisoning of the Minamata Japanese fishermen, the oil spills caused by the sinking of “Torrey Canyon” and “Amoco Cadiz” tankers The PV sector, which had grown exponentially in recent years under generous subsidies, is sadly about to disappear.

Zurich 14 August In these preparatory meetings many topics were discussed, such as the ideas of Schumacher, author of “Small is beautiful”, the technical aspects of wind turbines Corominas and Puig had been in Denmark and had plenty of documentationthe Mondragon cooperatives Escorsa had been there or the viability of starting a business. The current situation of Renewable Energy in Spain.