Download Manual for Model 55HDS69 HITACHI PLASMA PartsDirect has parts, manuals & part diagrams for all types of repair projects. Hitachi 55hds69 manual pdf hyundai santa fe parkers kizashi manual transmission personal cinema camry factory. For the latest information, always consult the current HITACHI Service Manual. A subscription to, or additional copies of HITACHI Service Manuals may be.

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Refer to Instruction Book for detailed programming instructions. Use of a soldering tool “with temperature control” and “with much thermal capacitance” is recommended. When servicing or handling circuit boards and other components which contain lead in solder, avoid unprotected skin contact with solder. An exposed metal part not having a return path to the chassis will indicate an open circuit. Usually applying heat to the component for a short time while twisting with tweezers will break the component loose.

B Connecting DVI signal. For optionalaccessories, pleaseaccess our web site at: This slot is for the CableCARD that will be provided by your local cable operator to gain access to chosen cable channels.

This is due to the plasma panel drive circuit when it is functioning.


Please see pages for a complete description of all features and programming of the Remote Control. You must first program the remote to match theremote system of your VCR refer below for pre-codes. Accessories Check to make sure you have the following accessories before disposing of the packing material.

Hitachi 55HDS69 user manual

Page 49 LocksAlternate Ratings U. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

Differences in room sizes and acoustical environments will require some experimentation with speaker placement for best performance. For best performance, video cables should use Ohm coaxial shielded wire. Usually caused by interference from automobile ignition systems, neon lamps,electrical drills, and other electrical appliances.

Solder the overlapped area, and clip off any excess jumper wire. Do not reuse ,anual leadless or chip components since they are subject to stress fracture during removal.

You must first program the remote tomatch the remote system of your DVD player referbelow for pre-codes.

OLP This is already adjusted.

The following guidelines and procedures should be followed whenever this condition is encountered. Standard capacitors may also be limited for the same reason. Avoid touching the Flexible Printed Circuits or the chip tube on the corner of the glass-panel.

The Plasma TV surface temperature is higher than hitacui Cathode-ray-tu be. Press [ATjbuttons to select as follows. B Connecting DVI signal. To remove a solder bridge, use a de-solder braid as shown in the figure below.


Chip diodes have a two letter identification code as per the code chart and are a dual diode pack with either common anode or common cathode. Ghosts are caused by the television signal following two paths.

Position the new Flat-IC in place apply the pins of the Flat-IC to the soldering pads where the pins need manaul be soldered. This arching sound is normal and it is not a malfunction. Properly determine the positions of the soldering pads and pins by correctly aligning the polarity symbol. The first letter indicates the type and the second letter, the grade of transistor.

Hitachi 55HDS69 – UltraVision HDS Series Manuals

Bend the two remaining leads perpendicularly to the circuit board. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet. Voltage CN63 1 5.