Troubleshooting guide and online help for your HP Color LaserJet CPn Printer. We have 5 HP Color LaserJet CPn manuals available for free PDF download: Software Technical Reference, User Manual, Getting Started Manual, . HP Laserjet,Color Laserjet CPn: User Guide. Laserjet,Color Laserjet CPn Printer pdf manual download. Also for: Laserjet,color laserjet cpni, .

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Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained manjal. Supported operating systems and printer drivers Configure the product using a Macintosh Order parts, accessories, and supplies HP LaserJet print supplies Prints at dots per inch dpi.

For information about the number of pages the cartridges can print, see www. Actual yield depends on specific use. Use this button to navigate through the menus or to decrease a value that appears on h display. Use this button for the following actions: Cancel Job X button: Press this button to cancel a print job whenever the attention light cp1515m blinking or to exit the control- panel menus.

The default printer driver settings determine the settings used in all print jobs, unless settings are changed in the Page Setup, Print, or Printer Properties dialog boxes.

ENWW Priority for print settings Open the printer driver and change the print settings Operating System To change the settings for all print jobs until the software manjal is closed WindowsXP, Serverand Vista The steps can vary; this procedure is most common. To download a current version of HP Web Jetadmin and for the latest list of supported host systems, visit www.

Do not use paper or print media made for inkjet printers. Hewlett-Packard Company cannot recommend the use of other brands of media because HP cannot control their quality.

Supported paper and print media sizes This product supports a number of paper sizes, and it adapts to various media. To obtain best print results, select the appropriate paper size and type in your print driver before printing. Table Supported paper and print media sizes Size Dimensions Check the printer driver for supported sizes. Capacity can vary cp1515m on media weight and thickness, and environmental conditions.

HP LaserJet printers use fusers to bond dry toner particles to the paper in very precise dots. HP laser paper is designed to xp1515n this extreme h.

Using inkjet paper not designed for this technology could damage your printer. Place the media into tray 1 with the side to be printed on face-up and the top toward the product.

Place a single sheet of media into the tray 1 slot, and slide the paper guides so that they are against the sheet. When it is loaded with Legal-size paper, the tray extends from the front of the product approximately 51 mm 2 inches.

Do not connect the USB cable before installing the software. The installation program will notify you when the USB cable should be connected. This product supports a USB 2. Set up the product and use it on the network Hewlett-Packard recommends that you use the HP software installer on the product CD-ROM to set up printer drivers for networks. To access the embedded Web server, type the IP address for the product in the address line of the browser.


It might take several minutes before the automatic IP address is ready for use. When Show IP address is On, the IP address will alternately appear on the control-panel display with the print-cartridge-status gauges. On the control-panel menu, press OK. Use the Left arrow Use the Left arrow Use the Allows a user to manage the device through a Web browser. Used by network applications for device management.

When turned on, a new product that is unable to retrieve a valid IP address from the network automatically assigns itself a default IP address. Chapter 5 Print tasks Cancel The printer driver prompts you to reload the pages to print the second sides. Fold and staple the pages.

HP Color LaserJet CPn Printer User Manual | pages

Be sure to set the correct media type in the printer driver. The product adjusts the fuser temperature according to the media-type setting. When printing on special media, this adjustment prevents the fuser from damaging the media as it passes through the product. Click the Configure tab. Open the Print dialog in the software program from which you are printing.

In most programs this is done by clicking File and then Print. Click Properties or Preferences. The cp1515nn option name depends on the software program from which you are printing. Use features vp1515n the Macintosh printer driver When you print from a software program, many of the manjal features are available from the printer driver.

For complete information about the features that are available in the printer driver, see the printer- driver help. Open the Color Options pop-up menu. Adjust the individual settings for text, graphics, and photographs.

Double-click the printer icon to open the print spooler. Select the print job that you want to cancel, and then press the Document menu. Press this button to navigate through the menus or to decrease a value that appears on the display. Use the control-panel menus Use the menus Press to open the menus. Press the Left arrow Press to select the appropriate option. Press the Back arrow Press to exit the menu without saving any changes.

The sections that follow describe the options for each of the main menus: System setup menu Use this menu to establish basic product settings. The System setup menu has several sub-menus. Each is described in the following table. Determines the type of calibration that the product uses during the calibration process. Service menu Use this menu to restore default settings, clean the product, and activate special modes that affect print output.

Sets how long the product remains idle before it enters PowerSave mode. Consult your system administrator before making changes to control-panel settings. Changing control-panel settings could affect other print jobs. Coordinating these operations conserves memory and avoids unexpected printer output. However, you sometimes might want to print a color document in grayscale black and white or change one of the product color options.


Print in Grayscale Select the Print in Grayscale option from the printer driver to print a color document in black and white. To render photographs correctly when this option is selected, you must manage color in the program in which you are working or in the operating system. The product also provides sophisticated tools for the experienced professional. HP ColorSphere toner HP designs the print system printer, print cartridges, toner, and paper to work together to optimize print quality, product reliability, and user productivity.

Original HP print cartridges contain HP ColorSphere toner that is specifically matched to your printer so that it will produce a wide range of brilliant colors. Factors such as the type of monitor you use and the room lighting can affect the appearance of colors on your screen.

HP Color LaserJet CP1515n Printer Troubleshooting

Use this palette to select the colors that you want to use in printed documents. It shows the actual colors that print when you select these basic colors in a Microsoft Office program. Manial example, you can match the color of your company logo on your printed output.

You can save and use the new color schemes for specific documents or all printed documents, or you can create multiple color schemes that you can choose from later.

Windows operating system users: Use Windows Explorer to move other file types to your computer, and then print the files from hl computer. To find the appropriate mqnual, see the illustration below. X is the number of recognized. JPEG files found on the memory card. After a few seconds, the message Photo menu Easy Photo Print appears on the control-panel display.

See from the memory card on page Grasp the card and gently pull it straight out of the memory card slot to remove it. Change memory card default settings The HP Color LaserJet CPni product comes with default settings that you can change for photo printing from the product control panel.

HP Color LaserJet CP1515n Printer User Guides

The default settings remain as selected until you change and save them again. If you want to Print photos directly from the memory card Use the control panel to print directly from a memory card and to change the settings for a print job. Print individual photos from the memory card Insert the memory card into the product. The message Main menu Photo menu displays. Use the Left arrow Use the Print all of the photos from the memory card Insert the memory card into the product.