HUBUD LUBUD DRILL 1 Quiz: Restricted Access. Please sign up for the course before taking this Quiz. HAMMERING WINGS · HUBUD LUBUD DRILL 2. This DVD goes into this Filipino empty-hand drill in detail. Contents include; Defining the Kali lubud/hubud drill, hammer/overhand cycle breakdown. Panantukan Filipino Boxing – Lesson 2 – Hubud Lubud – YouTube.

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Sent from my Lumia using Board Express. Hubud is most often learned in a seminar setting. Thinking that hubud is just another drill rather than seeing it as an entire sub-system unto itself: March 29, at 7: Over the years I met men ulbud learned hubud from a DVD or book.

It may be a strike or a lock or even a lubur. Hubud in it’s myriad of forms is an ideal “fight simulator” allowing you to really hone in on specific training goals. To blend the skills of chi sao with those of hubud lubud should be the goal of most modern fighters who employ these particular arts in their personal matrix of defense. It swiftly becomes a slippity-slap pile of crap.


Many things begin to make sense that you were taught years earlier. Alternately, I do find the simplification furthered in Do form and continue to practice it. There are good points in the article, but what is missing is the point that Chi Sau is actually a game that is played to improve sensitivity in Wing Chun. This goes back to my previous post on repetitions. But really, from a self defense standpoint, if they’re not actually trying to stab or cut your body, you should really be disengaging, not playing with them.

It will then be time to recapitulate and to contemplate all of the many magnificent things that you know, but didn’t know you knew.

Furthermore, most sensitivity drills llubud ingrain bad habits.

HUBUD LUBUD – video dailymotion

But i agree, why place importance on practicing techniques, that may not have great value in facing someone who has one motive in mind? This is why you must focus upon the escape element. Oct 5, 9. WC seemed simpler, more efficient, less hand chasing, etc.

It involves torque, body mechanics and sensitivity. The hubud application truly does go beyond the physical realm. For I will be doing a special Hubud Only seminar.


Chi Sau teaches you how to shut down and take control of you opponent. Pak – Tun with the same hand like doing Pak – Tan, but where the Tan moves back instead of forward. The reason I exist is to guide you through this phase and lock lubux the vital knowledge you seek and deserve. March 24, at 5: Good and important work you are doing David!! Want to get FREE self defense material and tips?

Hubud-Lubud Series: Locking & Manipulations

Especially inthe real world of self defense. Lhbud is just an aid. By the way, I recently got your book and it has a lot of good concepts that apply to real situations.

Does the above image look even remotely similar to what you might see in a fight? To miss the energy connection. The sensitivity drills are considered to be self perfection training whereas sparring or drilling techniques in a realistic context are considered to be self preservation training.