Some women opt for Hymenoplasty so that their hymen can be reconstructed. Click here to find out more about the details of the procedure!. Hymenoplasty is the procedure to restore the torn hymen intactness of which is presumed to be sign of virginity. Usual patient is an unmarried girl who had. Hymenorrhaphy or hymen reconstruction surgery is the temporary surgical restoration of the hymen. The term comes from the Greek words hymen meaning “membrane”, and raphḗ meaning “suture”. It is also known as hymenoplasty, although strictly this term would also The term may cover at least three significantly different types of procedure.

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First of all, you will need to schedule a consultation with the doctor to discuss the procedure and make your expectations clear and concise. The doctor will give procedurw an insight about the surgery along with instructions to prepare for hymenoplasty. Usually, women seek hymenoplasty for cultural and religious reasons. In most jymenoplasty, the person would have lost her virginity in an intercourse and wants to restore it before her marriage.

In some cases, the girl would have lost her hymen due to non-sexual activities, but yet again due to the religious or social norms, they find it imperative to repair the hymen. In case the woman is suffering from cancer of the genital or venereal diseases, only then she is not eligible for the treatment.

However, these are minor side-effects and the medical team will procedurw sure that it takes all the necessary precautions to avoid the issues and lessen the discomfort. The patient will be observed for a few hours in the recovery room after the treatment and if there are no complications, she will be relieved. The individual can resume work after 3 to 4 days. However, it is advised to begin moderate activities only after 10 days. The cost of hymenoplasty depends largely on the healthcare facility.

Indeed, with the advancement in the medical technology, treatments do have long lasting effect and the results are witnessed for a longer period of time. Hymenoplasty, in this regard is no different, especially with proper care, and enables the maintenance of restored hymen till the next sexual encounter. Both these alternatives do not deliver an un-ruptured hymen, but you will get a tightened vaginal opening.

Hymenoplasty — how to do

Hymenoplastya medical term for hymen repair surgeryis a procedure of reconstructing the thin skin membrane made of elastic and fibrous tissue known as the hymen. Colloquially termed as revirgination, the purpose of hymenoplasty is to reconstruct the hymen, which often gets torn procedjre to injury or extensive exercise.

In some countries, the surgery is illegal due to social and cultural reasons. How is hymenoplasty performed? The hymen may be torn while cycling or performing gymnastics. In this surgery, the edges of the torn hymen are stitched together to make it whole again. The tissues involved gradually grow back and take the appearance of a natural hymen.

In some cases, the vaginal walls are also hymnoplasty for procevure a virgin-like form. The process typically takes around half an hour, and the area is coated with antibiotic ointment so that it heals within a short span of time.

At times, there are no hymeneal remnants, or the available parts cannot be used. In such a hymrnoplasty, the surgeon reduces the opening of the vagina with the help of vaginal mucous tissue.

What are the benefits of hymenoplasty? For many women, hymenoplasty is nothing but a useless extravagance; but for some, this hymenoplatsy surgery brings a host of benefits which may include making the first night of courtship special by regaining that symbol of virginity and possessing a sense of personal comfort and hymenpolasty. In some cultures as well as religious communities, a high value is imposed on virgins before marriage.


In communities that consider hymen to be a proof of sexual status, rupture of the same can bring about a social disaster.

In such situations, hymenoplasty can come to the rescue. Who is a good candidate for hymenoplasty? Women who are healthy enough and have realistic expectations about the surgery are the best candidates for hymenoplasty.

Hymen reconstruction can help a woman to enjoy her virginity once again. In case the woman is suffering from any relationship crisis owing to rupture of the hymen, then experts suggest that she must consult with a family and a relationship counselor as well.

How long does it take procwdure recover procedrue hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty — how to do

In most cases, patients can return to their usual routines the day following the surgery. But it is crucial to avoid strenuous work or exercise. If you have undergone dissolvable suture, then there is no need prrocedure remove it.

Regardless of the type of stitch, it is critical to attend to the follow-up treatment to ensure a safe and effortless healing of the hymen. One must wait at least 3 to 4 weeks before indulging in sexual intercourse. Not many people are aware of the term Hymenoplasty. For some people, an intact hymen has a great significance often an indication of a hymenopllasty virginity. Procedufe, you don’t always need an intercourse for the hymen sheath a thin tissue membrane that surrounds the external opening of the vagina to break.

Activities such as horse riding, gymnastics, swimming, to name a few, can play a pivotal role bringing about the lrocedure of the hymen. For long, people believed that a hymen, once ruptured, can never be restored. With the advancement of technology, this fact is slowly getting transformed into a myth.

With Hymenoplasty also called as a Hymen reconstruction surgery one can achieve the impossible i. Hymenoplasty also comes as a blessing for women born without a hymen.

In this case, a Hymenoplasty aids in creating a new hymen, making life a lot easier for the concerned person. Procedure involved in a Hymenoplasty. The risks associated with Hymenoplasty There is seldom any extreme complications or risks associated with Hymenoplasty.

However, mild painswellingtightening of the vaginal wall, and bleeding are some of the side-effects that may persist for a few days following the surgery.

Cosmetogynaecology refers to the specialization in female cosmetic medicine and surgery. We live in an age where hymfnoplasty primarily defines your personality and acts a great deal in boosting self-confidence and morale. Hymenoplwsty time immemorial, hyemnoplasty have never been pleased with what have been given to us. Thanks to this trait, scientists are always looking for new ways to satisfy our needs.

Want to look like Megan Fox? Cosmetogynaecology is a subset of cosmetic surgery that mainly caters to the needs of women and includes cosmetic procedures such as.

This procedure mainly concentrates on increasing the size and sensitivity of the G-spot to amplify pleasure during intercourse. It is also known as G-spot amplification. Genital area Bleaching and Resurfacing: Genital bleaching is a safe and easy way to whiten your intimate areas. As for genital resurfacing, it is a procedure to even out the appearance around the intimate area or to improve the colour on the clitoral hood. Several factors can lead to the loosening of the vaginal walls, including childbirth.

This can reduce the pleasure during intercourse for you and your man.

These treatments can be done by lasers, which are non-invasive and work wonders! Permanent Laser Hair Removal: We all know the extent of pain that women go through in order to make themselves fuzz-free. And the amount of money that goes in doing that annually is probably enormous. Laser hair removal can permanently take care of this issue and you will be ever ready for a party. Breast Size Augmentation or Reduction: Getting breast implants silicone or saline can be used to increase the size of your breasts if you are proocedure too happy with your gifted assets.


It can also be done for reconstructive purposes after undergoing mastectomy post breast cancer. On the other hand, large breasts can be the procecure of chronic back pain. If that bothers you too much, you can have them reduced to lrocedure desired size. Vaginoplasty is a plastic surgery for both the vaginal jymenoplasty and the tissues of its mucous membrane that tightens. The procedure strengthens those muscles and tissues while removing excess or damaged lining from the canal.

It is specifically designed to strengthen and enhance the working of the vulva-vaginal body structures. When vaginal plastic surgery is performed to specifically construct or reconstruct the vulva-vaginal complex, either partially or totally, it is referred to as a neovaginoplasty. When the surgery is procedrue to specifically reshape the tissue and firm the muscles and lining of the vaginal canal for a more youthful appearance plus tighten up the canal after the stretching it endures through childbirth, then it is provedure a vagina reduction for cosmetic reconstruction and is considered an elective surgical procedure.

Hymenoplasty is the procedure to restore natural hymen to regain virginity. In simple words, hymenoplasty procedufe repair of broken hymen or ruptured hymen and is the sure shot way to restore or regain virginity. The layered yymenoplasty microsurgical repair of hymen being done at Olmec leads to a normal hymen without any sign of repair and without any sign of lost virginity.

It can also be performed to create an artificial clitoris in men undergoing sex reassignment surgery. It is also known as clitoral hood reduction, as it can reduce the size of the clitoral hood in some patients. Labia surgery, which usually involves labia reduction—and vaginal rejuvenation, or tightening, are becoming as common today as other cosmetic procedures.

Hymenoplasty: Procedure, Cost, Risk, Recovery And Hymenoplasty Surgery Side Effects

New advancements and techniques in Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty typically lessen scarring, pain, recovery time, and show excellent results in the area sometimes referred to as Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery.

These days everything is available, including a new body. You can get a new nose, jaw, perky breasts and yes, a brand new hymen as well, all through plastic surgery.

The procedure of hymen restoration or reconstruction is called hymeonplastyhymenorrhaphy, virginity surgery or just hymen reconstruction surgery. It usually ruptures due to vigorous exercise or sexual penetration.

The benefits of hymenoplastyif any, are that it allows women to take control of their futures in conservative hymenoplzsty. If she has been sexually active pre-marriage, she can still decide to go for a traditional marriage without the fear of ostracization. Hymenoplasty surgery restores the ability of the hymen to bleed at intercourse on the wedding night.

Victims of sexual assault can also use the procedure to get over procedute traumatic event and its memories. Some women like to get a hymen rejuvenation to feel young hyemnoplasty. Hymenorrhaphy can be done months or years after a woman loses her virginity. It must be performed only by a plastic surgeon. In this procedure, the torn edges of the hymen are sutured back together.