The IBM® BladeCenter® HS23 is positioned as a high-density, high-performance server based on the ServerBlade architecture for medium to. The IBM BladeCenter HS23 Types and blade server is compatible with IBMBladeCenter units. This high density, high performance, single-wide. Use this table to view specific information about the blade server, such as blade server hardware features and the dimensions of the blade server.

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Lenovo memory specifications are integrated into the light path diagnostics for immediate system performance feedback and optimum system uptime.

The following has been designated as a consumable or supply item and is, therefore, not covered by this warranty:. The following table lists the virtualization options. The specified level of warranty service may not be available in all worldwide locations. For more information about the specific versions and service levels that are supported and any other prerequisites, see the Operating System Interoperability Guide: The new models also offer higher standard memory capacity enabling clients to scale more virtual machines immediately.

Built-in Integrated Management Module II IMM2 continuously monitors system parameters, triggers alerts, and performs recovering actions in case of failures to minimize glade.

Some configurations might have restrictions. Intel Hyper-Threading Technology boosts performance for multi-threaded applications by enabling simultaneous multi-threading within each processor core, up to two threads per core. Memory protection ECC, Chipkill, blaxe mirroring, and memory rank sparing. Energy efficiency The HS23 offers the following energy-efficiency features to save energy, reduce operational costs, increase energy availability, and contribute to the green environment: System specifications Components Specifications Form factor Single-wide 30 mm blade server.

You must follow the problem determination and resolution bblade that IBM specifies. For additional information, support, certification, servdr versions of network operating systems, access.

Lenovo provides service 8: Optical drives The server does interface to the optical drive installed in the BladeCenter chassis media tray if one is installed there. If an environmental condition exceeds a threshold or if a system component fails, LEDs on the system board are lit to help you diagnose the problem, the error is recorded in the event log, and you are alerted to the problem.


Programs included with this product are licensed under the terms and conditions of the License Agreements that are shipped with the system. Archived from the original on June 5, Configuring the blade server Use this information for details about the configuration requirements of the blade server.

If required, IBM will provide the warranty service upgrade enhanced level of On-site Service acquired by the customer.

Model, cores, core speed, L3 cache, memory speed, thermal eerver power. Under certain conditions, IBM Integrated Technology Services repairs selected non-IBM parts at no additional charge for machines that are covered under warranty service upgrades or maintenance services.

Retrieved from ” https: The HS23 models covered in this product guide are now withdrawn from marketing. Intel Xeon Processor E v2 12C 2. Lenovo Financial Services offers financing solutions and services that complement your technology solution anywhere in the world.

IBM BladeCenter HS23 Blade Server – Business Systems International – BSI

When return is required, return instructions and a container are shipped with the replacement CRU, and you may be charged for the replacement CRU if IBM does not receive the defective CRU within 15 days of your receipt of the replacement. Installation labor is provided at no additional charge, if the machine is covered under a warranty service upgrade or a maintenance service. The following table uses the following conventions: Committed Repair Problems receive priority handling so that repairs are completed within the committed time of 6, 8, or 24 hours.

Troubleshooting Use this information to diagnose and fix any problems that might occur in your BladeCenter HS Blade server power is derived from the power supplies installed in the BladeCenter chassis. When one processor is installed, the maximum quantity supported is half of what is shown.

This limit may be revealed as the device failing to respond to system-generated commands or becoming incapable of being written to. The HS23 offers the following energy-efficiency features to save energy, reduce operational costs, increase energy availability, and contribute to the green environment:. Trademarks Lenovo and the Lenovo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both.


Serevr view of the BladeCenter HS Sfrver must provide a suitable working area to allow disassembly and reassembly of the IBM machine. If you would prefer, you may request IBM to install downloadable Machine Code changes; however, you may be charged for that service. Providing a single source for support of hardware and software issues, RTS can reduce swrver resolution time, decreasing the cost to address technical problems and increasing uptime.

The HS23 blades are shipped in a single package. The type of service is Customer Replaceable Unit for example, keyboard, mouse, speaker, memory, or hard disk drive Service and On-site Service.

It ran the Sun Solaris operating system from Sun Microsystems. Regarding the use of solid-state disk drives, solid-state memory cells have an intrinsic, finite number of write cycles that each cell can incur.

Features and specifications

Lenovo warranty service upgrade offerings are country-specific. The Sales Manual is updated periodically as new features and options are announced that support these servers. Our Premier Client services provide large accounts with special handling services to ensure these complex transactions are serviced properly. This specialist develops an in-depth understanding of your invoice and payment requirements. Your data stays safely on your premises, in your hands.

You can obtain the agreement by contacting your IBM representative or visiting.

Low-voltage Intel Xeon processors draw less energy to satisfy demands of power and thermally constrained data centers and telecommunication environments. Ports One internal USB port for embedded hypervisor. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For more information, see the list of Product Guides in the Backup units category: Four memory channels per processor 2 DIMMs per channel.

External drive enclosures The HS23 does not support external drive enclosures.

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