Alma Katsu (born ) is an American writer of adult fiction. Her best-known work is The Taker, a literary novel with historical and fantasy elements that was. The Hunger. Alma Katsu. ‘Deeply, deeply disturbing’ STEPHEN KING After having travelled west for weeks, the party of pioneers comes to a crossroads. Alma Katsu love to elevate and sustain, but also to blind and ultimately destroy, The Taker is an immortal love story on an epic scale.

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Alma Katsu – Wikipedia

There’s also a nice twist about one of the most vile characters you will ever come across – Adair certainly takes the cake, a true monster who is worse than he seems. The Taker is the first in a trilogy how zlma more books are coming from this I know notso the story will be continued, but as a separate book it should have a strong ending that stands on its own.

Both men are richly drawn, attractive and yet dangerous in their xlma way. All the male leads with the exception of Luke, were horrible people. Lanny is a woman with a past. It was a history hundreds and matsu of years in the making; a lonely existence of debauchery, excess and unrequited love.

She is far from perfect, and some of the things she has done or admitted to herself in the solitude of her own mindmade me cringe, al,a that just makes her all the more human. So why the middle of the grade rating?


The Taker (The Taker, #1) by Alma Katsu

The Taker is much like a horror movie where love immortwl the crazed serial killer and its victims are those who fall in love and want to be loved by that person they fixate on. She becomes his favorite kafsu wants her love all for himself. According to her website, she was particularly inspired by the Pinnochio story which can be seen in Lanny’s developmental arc; but unfortunately, to me, the story just seemed a bit tired and ‘done’: It should go without saying that I would never discourage a teen from picking up books from those shelves.

The novel is divided into three parts and three stories. She didn’t really resolve Adair either. View all 9 comments.

This book felt very familiar to me in tone and plot most notably Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and Cate Tiernan’s Balefire booksespecially with the story-within-a-story style Katsu employs. And the first haunting chapter delivers on that promise, leading the reader into the intriguing stories behind immirtal scroll-like papers, propelling the reader forward.

Alma Katsu

One night a young woman is brought it. However, his life is about to change forever.

The Taker had me shocked at times and smiling at times. I did not remotely like any of them. Luke works the overnight shift at the hospital in the backwater town of St. View all 6 comments. It’s a romance, but nothing like your average romance. Lanore is a murder suspect, and Luke is inexplicably drawn to her.

He is set to inherit the semi-charmed life and, although he cares much for Lanore, he could never marry her. Yes, there is a lot qlma sex in The Taker. And then, what is the remedy?


kztsu At times the subject matter almost became so unbearably heartbreaking that I didn’t know if I could take any more, but at the same time I was so compelled to know what the next page brought that putting it down and leaving it down was impossible. Ne znam da bi podnjela dvie ovakve u istom tjednu.

This book is cleverly immorrtal and has a few stories within a story, it’s very well written – compelling characters, and intricately detailed. Looking back, I know we were only filling in the holes in our souls, the way the tide rushes sand to fill in the crevices of a rocky shore.

I am dying for a book that spills real love and real heart.

He’s a flimsy foil for Lanny to tell her story; I’d much rather this have been her diaries or a letter although I suppose the doctor will feature in the next book. Not much longer til The Reckoning! Yes, this is a story that has monsters in it, but those monsters are men who choose kastu do monstrous things. So I guess I have to cut him some slack.