Dell Inspiron Inspiron 11z: Specifications. Inspiron Inspiron 11z Laptop pdf manual download. Also for: Inspiron , Inspiron 11z, Inspiron n. Shop the Largest Selection of Dell Inspiron 11z () Motherboards, 11z () LCD screens,11z () batteries, and 11z () keyboards. released in The Inspiron 11z has an inch screen and weighs 3 pounds. Dell Inspiron 11z troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals.

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For more information, see the Dell Technology Guide.

Dell Inspiron 11z (1110) Parts

Have your invoice or packing slip handy when you mabual. Turn the palm rest over the keyboard to access the touch pad cable connector. Exercise care when handling the hard drive. To disconnect a network cable, first unplug the cable from your computer and then unplug the cable from the network device.

Dell Inspiron Inspiron 11z Product Safety Data Sheet

The next steps change the boot sequence for one time only. Celeron, and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U. Align the slots on the battery with the tabs in the battery bay. Pull the battery up and out of the battery bay. WWAN card 2 screw antenna cables 2 5. You are also responsible for insuring any product returned, and you assume the risk of loss during shipment to Dell. I f you remove the processor heat sink from the computer when the heat sink is hot, do not touch the metal housing of the heat sink.


The above-listed Product Safety certifications may vary depending upon the location of the factory and specific product configuration. Disconnect the processor fan cable from the system board connector. Offerings may vary by region. Use the adhesive on the coin-cell battery and adhere it to the system board. If you have a problem with your order, such as missing parts, wrong parts, or incorrect billing, contact Dell for customer assistance.

To scroll up and down: For more details, please see www.

As you pull connectors apart, keep them evenly aligned to avoid bending any connector pins. Using Your Inspiron Laptop Customizing the Desktop Customizing Your Energy Settings You can customize your desktop to change the appearance, resolution, wallpaper, screensaver, or other features of your desktop.

Use the Operating System disc only if System Restore did not resolve your operating system problem. This option manuzl your hard drive to the operating state it was in when you purchased the computer. Turn on or restart your computer. Disconnect the LED board cable from the system board connector. Select the options you want to enable.

How to Start Up the Dell Inspiron Recovery Partition | Your Business

The Connect to the Internet window appears. In the event that System Restore did not resolve the issue, you may undo the last system restore. Hold a card by its edges or by its metal mounting bracket.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Insert 111z Operating System disc. Enter text from picture: If the memory module is not installed properly, the computer may not boot.

Plug in your laptop using the power cord. Right-click an open area of the desktop. Dell does not guarantee compatibility or provide support for Mini-Cards from sources other than Dell.


Turn the computer over and replace the three screws that secure the keyboard to the computer base. Press any key to start the Dell Diagnostics from the diagnostics utility partition on your hard drive and to go to the Choose An Option window. Restricting the airflow can damage the computer or cause a fire. Remove the hinge caps see Removing the Hinge Caps. Some of the services are not always available in all locations outside the continental U.

Replace the screw that secures the processor fan to the computer base. To set up Windows for the first time, follow the instructions on the screen. The oils in your skin can reduce the heat transfer capability of the thermal pads. Immediately press “Ctrl-F11” on your keyboard. For more information, go to www. Setting the Keyboard Matrix 1.

A00 Downloaded from LpManual. Lift the display panel off the display back cover. Save the original packaging for storing or shipping the hard drive. Removing the Bluetooth Card 1. If the heat sink is replaced, use the thermal pad provided in the kit to ensure that thermal conductivity is achieved. Route the Mini-Card antenna cables through the routing guides.