Kansas Intoxalock User’s Manual. 1. Chapter 1: GETTING STARTED. Section – Introduction. Your vehicle is (or will be) equipped with an. Intoxalock Installation Manual. ATTENTION ALL SERVICE PERSONNEL. AND SHOP MANAGERS: Under NO circumstances is an ignition. INTOXALOCK TRAINING VIDEO IN ENGLISH. INTOXALOCK TRAINING VIDEO IN ENGLISH. 5 years ago More. Interlock Arizona. Follow. 0. Share.

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If you do not feel comfortable providing the sample while you drive, Intoxalock will give you time to pull over. In addition, Intoxalock offers ignition interlock devices with cameras for extra visibility. To access your User Manual online, please login to your account https: Then every minutes, depending on your state’s regulation, you will be asked for additional samples. Convert into review Leave as comment. If you have an ignition interlock device in your car, you are required to pass a breath test before operating your vehicle.

Removing an ignition interlock device How do I remove my ignition interlock device? A lock out is a state mandated function that will not allow you to start your vehicle. Other things that may be reported are missed calibrations, non—usage or photo verification.

How does my monitoring authority know that I have an Intoxalock installed? Call us today to find out more detailed information about your state regulations.

It’s also important to provide a few slow breaths directly into the handheld without the mouthpiece prior to pressing the black button to attempt an activation sample. Rinse your mouth out with water and then wait minutes before submitting another breath sample.



24 INTOXALOCK Questions and 22 Answers @ Pissed Consumer

Additionally, commercial breathalyzers provide a convenient, portable way to self-test your breath alcohol concentration BrAC. To see more information regarding how ibtoxalock give a breath sample, please visit us by clicking on the following https: Intoxalock offers an industry leading Device Protection Plan. When you go and get your device recalibrated and the dealer sends the info to the state what exactly gets sent? Are there other sources of alcohol that an Intoxalock device could read?

The other is a straight blow method that requires a more forceful breath. Other things that may be reported are missed calibrations, non—usage, photos, or GPS location. What paperwork should I receive at the service center when I get my device removed? If the Intoxalock device displays anything other than 0.

You will be responsible for all fees. How do I infoxalock my ignition interlock device in cold weather? Find an ignition interlock location near you. For more information, please refer to mwnual 2.

In many states, too many failed attempts to start your vehicle will cause your device to go nanual a service lockout.

Then click on the video titled “Retests”. Intoxalock does not install ignition interlock devices on motorcycles and most states will require you to drive an interlock-equipped car following a drunk driving conviction.

Can an ignition interlock device shut my vehicle off? Intoxalock holds their installers to high quality standards to always protect your vehicle. If you do not take this test, it could be considered a refusal and your Intoxalock may enter into a Lock Out.

  EB G5100 PDF

How to use your device

Are there other sources of alcohol that an Intoxalock device could read? All ignition interlock devices are designed to detect any source of alcohol which could include household products and contaminants. In many cases, the Intoxalock Compliance Department will notify your monitoring authority within 24 — 48 hours of your installation.

What paperwork should I receive at my installation appointment? Can I untoxalock automatic payments from a checking or savings account?

And I have sent in for my camera card. Can I voluntarily install an ignition interlock device? Then click on the video titled “Retests” If you have any further questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you!

A contaminant reading is NOT a false positive. State regulation requires drivers to periodically submit additional breath samples while they drive to prove the continued absence of alcohol. This must be under a limit intlxalock by your state usually 0. I wish to receive email notifications intoxalocm future comments. In other states, we will electronically notify your state of the installation.

Can other people operate my vehicle? You will need to contact Intoxalock at to order a new device.