Sunstroke: Selected Stories [Ivan Bunin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ”The Gentleman from San Francisco” is easily the best known of . The Sunstroke: Selected Stories of Ivan Bunin Community Note includes chapter- by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context. Finding the best translation for the concluding part of Ivan Bunin’s Sunstroke.

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He died November 8, in Paris.

Is my head spinning or are we turning somewhere? Reading this story was like walking in a shallow, sunny beach, barefoot.

| Construction Literary Magazine: Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Architecture

Photograph via Flickr by EP Holcomb. And the crowds on the steamer, which was lit up already and wafting the smells of cooking, made everything seem remarkably welcoming and good.

He returned to the hotel with pleasure and walked into the spacious, empty cafeteria on the bottom floor, took off his tunic with the same pleasure, and sat at the table in front of the open window, the heat poured in, but at least there was a breeze, he ordered iced fish soup.

And what actually happened? Vu K rated it really liked it Aug 01, Best known for his short novels Sunatroke Village and Dry Valleyhis autobiographical novel The Life of Arseniev, the book of short stories Dark Sunstroie and his — diary Cursed Days, Bunin was a revered figure among anti-communist White emigres, European critics, and many of his fellow writers, who viewed him as a true heir to the tradition of realism in Russian literature established by Leo Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov.

The story can be viewed as a paradigm of ivaan treatment of love, which though deeply felt is never lasting. Brillant imagery, amazing control of narrative. Feb 10, Irene rated it it was amazing. I would find that very unpleasant.


May 11, Amaan Ahmad rated it liked it. Ivan Bunin is iva very talented writer of the modern Russian literature. At the corner, in front of the post office, there was a window-display for a photography studio.

Then he clenched his teeth, feeling the tears roll through his closed eyelids down his cheeks, and finally fell asleep. The lieutenant has grown up and feels ssunstroke mature and confident. The Best Books of Otherwise, it becomes a tiresome habit. Boris rated it it was amazing Oct 31, And he was back in the room, just as easy and carefree. He went to the cathedral where they were singing, it was already loud, gay, and emphatic, a consciousness of duty fulfilled.

Thus, even as they depict a wide range of affairs, seductions, betrayals, and deaths, they tend to read more like poetry than potboilers, delivering their most powerful effects through the rhythms and pacing of their sentences, their highly detailed, sensuous imagery, and the connotative richness of their language.

He found himself walking on the fresh manure through the wagons, the cartloads of cucumbers, the brand new bowls and pots, the peasant women sitting on the ground hollering over each other, calling him, taking the pots in their hands and ivab, the taps of their fingers ringing inside of them, demonstrating their worth, peasant men deafening him, yelling: Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

With Volgian flair sunstoke steamer sunsttoke a wide, impetuous arc and sped toward a small landing.

Anna Sergeievna rated it it was amazing Jan 16, George Deoso rated it liked it Sep 03, Silver rated it really liked it Jan 04, And even in his longer works, Bunin displays little interest in exploring the psychology of his characters or creating detailed plots. The lieutenant feels sadder and prematurely aged.


I have loved Bunin since first discovering him while studying in Russia. Valentina rated it really liked it Jul 28, The affair has burned out any expectation of happiness from affairs likely in the next ten years.

The lieutenant took her hand, raising it to his lips. Elizabeth Smolinski rated it it was amazing Jun 02, It still smelled of her fine English eau de toilette, her half-drunk tea-cup still stood on the tray, but she was gone. The line in question is an envoi, therefore, the resignation to what has already happened, not a climax or expectation.

Sunstroke: Selected Stories

The epaulettes and the buttons of his tunic were scalding hot, so much that it hurt to touch sunsrtoke. Then he ordered a cabby, for someone to carry out his things, and gave the porter an entire five rubles as he boarded the carriage, sitting on its bleached sunxtroke seats. The plots of Bunin’s stories are not necessarily original, but their force and animation never fail to surprise; a brief introduction by the translator serves to put the writer in historical context.

Because, where can they ever meet again?