Used pejoratively to describe pre-Islamic Arabia, it means the period in which Source for information on Jahiliyya: Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World . Apr 14, Although sometimes used synonymously, the phrase “pre-Islamic Arabia” and the Arabic al-jahiliyya have different connotations. The English. Apr 21, The pre-Islamic period was the darkest age in human history. It was a time of ignorance and anarchy in the religious and social life in the world.

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Retrieved 8 July Allah, the Exalted, says: In this manner, the Qur’an has revealed the depth and content of those nations to stress that scientific development of man and his civil advancement are not able to save him from the claws of deviation and take him out of the fangs of ignorance as long as he embellishes ignorant faith and embodies the same abnormal ignorant behavior of the general society.

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This stage in history was full of chaos and corruption, and witnessed a decline in the sociology perjod ideology of the age. Courage was reflected in the number of raids undertaken, and generosity in the readiness with which one sacrificed one’s camel for a guest.

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Jahilkyya birth of a female child was considered as a great curse and she was often buried alive by the heartless father. They were serving, apart from God, what hurts them not, neither profits them, and they say: This current represents deviation from the truth, justice, belief. Plurality of wives and husbands was the order of the day.


Publications Pages Publications Pages. From the Variorum Collected Studies Series, along with Society and Religion from Jahiliyya to Islam and Concepts and Ideas at the Dawn of Islamthis contains all the important articles devoted to the Jahiliyya and early Islam by a leading scholar in the field, renowned above all for his encyclopedic knowledge of the Islamic source material.

Islam has shown that the ignorant person is deviated, lost, bewildered and restless, for such a person suffers from mental disorders. My wife dressed the infant, who was rejoicing at the news of going to the uncle. Help us improve this article! The world society was primarily divided into ruling class and the ruled.

The Dark Period Of Jahiliyya

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As he was recounting this, the Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, sobbed as if he had lost one of his nearest kinsfolk. They have blundered in the darkness of ignorance and deviation. It ignores much of great interest oeriod modern scholarship on the Arabs and Arabia and focuses on the immediate background of Islam, the life of the Arabs of western central Arabia the Hijaz in the century or so up to and including the early career of the prophet Muhammad d.

Because of their turning away from Allah’s remembrance, refusing and disobeying the true will, they have gone astray. The Qur’an highlights this in the following verse: Trade had brought wealth to some, but the poverty of many was disregarded, and there was no strategy to care for them.


Layers of darkness one upon the other. Prior to the rise of Islam, worst anarchy and confusions prevailed in the religious life of the Arabs. Some more recent works on Islamic history notably Berkeywhile still treating pre-Islamic Arabia, reflect an understanding that the rise of Islam needs to be petiod in a wider historical and geographical context.

In his commentary on verse 5: Idols are fixed among you and sins are clinging to you.

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Exception the Jew and Christians, the rest of the Arabs followed the kahiliyya primitive form of religious belief. Why does not Allah speak to us or a sign come to us? Contains numerous articles on the history, geography, culture, and personalities of pre-Islamic Arabia. We are able to understand this equality clearly through the comparison which the Qur’an has made between the backward state of Arabs and the developed jahiliyyya of nations before them.

The majority was divided. The Qur’an also describes the faithful believers, those who follow the way of faith and know the right path. They were in great anguish and under layers of ignorance.

Human beings were sacrificed to propitiate gods. This type of interpretation gained currency about the 8th century…. Studies in Jahiliyya and Early Islam.

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