Leos Janáček. Capriccio for piano (left hand), flute & brass ensemble (“Vzdor,” ” Defiance”), JW 7/ Composition Information ↓; Description. One of Leos Janácek’s last chamber music works was written in the autumn of at the suggestion of the pianist Otakar Hollmann (–), an invalid. Sheet Music – £ – Barenreiter BA – Leos Janacek Capriccio for Piano Left Hand and Wind Ensemble. Score and parts. One of Leos Janácek’s last.

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There is certainly in these performances a poise between the tougher, starker elements that can suggest a bridge between Mussorgsky and Stravinsky, and a lyrical grace closer to Berg.

Jazz Latin New Age. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

However, the piano leaves the rest of the ensemble behind and shifts the mood toward introspection during an extended, tonally dark solo. She gives a marvellous performance, in the Adagio searching out, with forlorn grace, the lyrical melodic line as Janacek sets its separated, unaccompanied notes against the little four-note interjections from the tenor tuba.

This is a dapriccio disc, and a moving one. Concertino for piano, violins, viola, clarinet, hor; Capriccio. Featured Popular Ensembles Academy of St.

The first movement, marked Allegro, presents an energetic melody in the piano, which is then transferred to the trombone and trumpet in turn. The entire ensemble then rejoins and ends the work with a lively counterpoint of triplets.

Capriccio (Janáček, Leoš)

The work was written shortly after a trip the composer took to England, where several of his chamber works had been performed. The tune is accompanied by a somewhat off-kilter oompah-band accompaniment, that sometimes veers into humorously low ranges of pitch. Nowadays it is played regularly at concerts and on recordings. Not only for the difficulty of programming them, but also for the fearful problems of concert-hall balance, these are works well suited to the gramophone, certainly when it is all as well done as here.


Janacek thickens this passage from the original in his ossia version with octave doublings, enriched harmony and some punctuating chords in the upper register. The work was apparently inspired by the request of the pianist Otakar Hollmannwho had lost the use of his right hand during World War I.

In four movements, it remains somewhat of an oddity not only in the field of chamber music, but in Janacek’s output as well. Who with any kind of common sense, let alone half an jaancek on frequency of performance, would score a work for piano, two violins, viola, clarinet, bassoon and horn, and another for piano left handflute, two trumpets, three trombones and tenor tuba?

Introspection Late Night Partying. Piano Concerto; Piano Quintets. The latter are an effective addition and arise naturally out of the music, which makes it surprising that Postnikova misses out the first of them for the pernickety, this is at about 2’00”. A good measure of the success of the performances lies not only in Rozhdestvensky’s magisterial control of the rhythm and phrasing but also his detailed balance.

This CD is reissued by ArkivMusic. This page was last edited on 6 Septemberat The first edition of the Capriccio was prepared by Jarmil Burghauser in Having been reserved until the middle of the second movement, the introduction of this new instrumental color is striking and effective. Masterpieces for Piano Left Hand, Vol. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. The final movement, marked Andante, is the most diverse. In the work very unusual demands are placed on the individual instruments, with the brass parts in particular containing difficult passages.

Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Concertino; Capriccio; Youth; Nursery Rhymes. These two temperaments struggle for control throughout the movement. The second movement divides the ensemble more discretely into groups; the piano is given center stage for the presentation of a gentle theme, only occasionally punctuated by brass inflections.

JANACEK Capriccio,Concertino / Firkusnэ – 2 CDs / Download – Jetzt kaufen

With such an odd combination of instruments in both works, much of the music’s effect depends upon really listening and really following exactly what Janacek wrote for instance, the piano mf against brass p, and all manner of subtle gradations. Sonata for piano; Capriccio.

Review This Title Share on Facebook. Concertino; A Tale; Youth; Capriccio. The third movement is notable for its deliberate contrasting of a light-hearted tuba solo and a more sorrowful strain in the trumpet.

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