HM Government, JDP Campaign Planning. Add to My Bookmarks Export citation. HM Government, JDP Campaign Planning. Type: Document; Date. CAMPAIGN PLANNING. HANDBOOK. Academic Year Editor: COL Mark Haseman. United States Army War College. Department of Military Strategy. and JDP , Campaign Planning. The British define campaign as a set of military operations planned and conducted to achieve strategic objectives within .

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Domenic Beasley 3 years ago Views: The development of national doctrine addresses those areas not covered adequately by NATO; it also influences the evolution of NATO doctrine in accordance with national thinking and experience. The availability of resources may cause a crisis 2 or provide a means to pursue it.

Chief J2 and other J2 experts. Enterprise Architect Business Unit: Governance and Planning Re-alignment of borders and boundaries, both formal and informal, that may have contributed to tensions or previous conflicts.


A cultural estimate addresses a situation from a sociological perspective, addressing groups of actors objectives, economic resources, political resources, means of social unification, and weaknesses. National and Regional Infrastructure. However, a commander should also consider using a presentation that captures the essential jrp of the problem. The impact of these activities may depend on the resource s ease of extraction and processing; oil, for example, demands major investment, whereas alluvial diamonds can be literally available for the picking.

Crisis Prevention and Response Services. Range of Actors 1A In some places, organised crime has permeated society to such an extent that it affects the politics, economy 4 and social structure of a state, challenging the primacy of indigenous authority.

Crises may arise in numerous different ways and, as importantly, be perceived differently by individual actors. McNamara introduced many modern business practices into the Pentagon, including computer-based forms of systems analysis, which used almost exclusively plajning numerical data. Large numbers of staff spend ccampaign effort analysing and assessing, but systems analysis did not deliver adequate direction to tactical commanders.


Contents 1 Purpose of the strategy It was that of misunderstanding the adversary s perspective by failing to note how the adversary had adapted to previous experience. It involves adopting a mindset that is different from the rest of the community of interest, and is well-suited to a non-conformist but not to a blinkered or prejudiced member of staff.

Chief Architect Business Group: Problem-setting must precede problem-solving see 5-00 2. A community of interest need not be a permanent fixture, but may operate as a federated or virtual organisation convening in accordance with the headquarters campaign rhythm, with J2 staff providing continuity.

Annex 1B addresses caampaign information sources, including those accessible through reachout from a deployed headquarters.

Knowledge of UK doctrine alone will not be sufficient to prepare headquarters staff for planning a multinational operation. Citizenship Programme of study for key stage 4 This plnning an extract from The National Curriculum Crown copyright Qualifications and Curriculum Authority Curriculum aims Learning and undertaking. In order to assure their security, the Alliance must and will continue. A tool for selection of children in World Vision child sponsorship We ve learned some things about selecting children.

Basic qualification requirements for Federal Administration managers and executives Basic qualification requirements for Federal Administration managers and executives Basic qualification requirements for managers and executives Basic qualification requirements are minimum requirements More information. Class may conform to a broadly Marxist model wealthy, bourgeoisie and proletariat or be further complicated by caste, pastoral or p,anning differences.

Campaign planning | Ministry of Defence | Official Press Release

Analysis includes the intelligence process and is a continuous, wholeheadquarters activity to gain knowledge of the factors that characterise a situation. Challenging the Orthodoxy For more detailed information about Internal Campaivn, go to our website: Any particular crisis may usefully be described as a series of conditions that characterise what is perceived to be wrong and what might be changed to improve matters; in other words, that which is required to effect a planned transition from one set of conditions to another, often described as a theory of change.


Understand p,anning context in which he is operating or intends to operate. The most likely coalitions will be US led and, although cwmpaign doctrine is compatible with that of our major allies, it is not identical. The nature of the military activity required from our own plannkng, with whom it is to be carried out including allies, coalition partners and Other Government Departments OGDsand who such activity is intended to affect or what it should achieve Dealing with Complexity.

Socially-marginalised or Excluded Populations.

In practice, SMEs input may be distorted, consciously or subconsciously, by personal perspectives; its objectivity should be tested against alternative viewpoints wherever possible. Complex crises do not lend themselves to simple definition or analysis, but a significant start point in the crisis management process is a description of the current situation, in terms that promote shared understanding for as many stakeholders as possible.

A population in some multi-national doctrine referred to as the human terrain may be divided on the basis of cultural, religious, ethnic, demographic or class distinctions: Technology management in warship acquisition management in warship acquisition A J Shanks B. Indigenous governance may not 1A-3 2 nd Edition.

HM Government, JDP 5-00 Campaign Planning

Introduction to the Results-based Management and. Analysis and assessment are critical to the conduct of military operations. The results of analysis should be shared widely through the dissemination of preferably web-based graphical, textual and other products.

Climate and the Environment. Those actively participating in campaivn crisis, as well as those with the potential or inclination to do so, influence the course of events in ways which may be positive or negative, certain or uncertain, temporary or enduring.