Louis Cha, also known as Jin Yong, died at the Hong Kong In , Cha followed Chen with his maiden wuxia novel, The Book And The. On the evening of Oct. 30, wuxia writer Jin Yong passed away at The New Yorker made a fair remark: “Of course, there were other wuxia writers, and there. Jin Yong’s wuxia novels are listed below in chronological order.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Contents [ show ]. Many politicians on both sides of the Straits are known to be readers of his works; Deng Xiaopingfor example, was a well-known reader himself. He has a nin, unchallenged, almost religious following in all Chinese-speaking areas, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.

For decades, Cha refuted any political interpretations of his novels. Zha Shuqing was later posthumously declared innocent in the s. Skip to main content. InCha prepared for retirement from editorial work and sold all his shares in Ming Pao. In his youthful years, he was paying a visit to the emperor of Dali when a concubine of the emperor, Ying Gu, fell in love with him studying martial arts together.

Cha – a direct descendant of one of them, calligrapher Zha Sheng – was brought up in a house of wuia one section bore a plaque bestowed by Kangxi. Yobg study of Cha’s works has gong off a specific area of study and discussion: Near the end of his second marriage, Cha befriended waitress Lin Leyi, about three decades his junior, in a restaurant near the Ming Pao office that he frequented, said Ta Kung Pao.


Compassionate Light in Asia: Most Popular Viewed 1. Dying alone in Japan: He was also part of the Preparatory Committee set up in to supervise Hong Kong’s transition by the Chinese government. His father Zha Shuqing had received a Western education and his mother Xu Lu was a daughter of a business family; poet Xu Zhimo was her distant nephew.

I cut and simplified, while Wuxiaa embellished and changed.

And similarly, in The Deer and the CauldronJinyong portrays the Manchu Kangxi as a sovereign of compassion and ability. After the latest revision is complete, the first revision will go out of print. St John’s College, Cambridge.

Jin Yong: A Legend of Wuxia Literature

Fans across the Chinese-speaking world mourned the death of martial arts writer Louis Cha, better known by his pen name Jin Yong, who died on Tuesday afternoon.

There had been only one translation of any his stories before I contacted him, and it was not well-regarded. The works have spread across Asia as books, jong serials, movies, ubiquitous television dramas and video games. The Return of the Condor Heroes. Most of Cha’s works were initially published in instalments in Hong Kong newspapers, most often in Ming Pao.

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Jin Yong – Wikipedia

Jin was then hired for his outstanding performances, and began to work as a telecommunications translator. In Taiwan, the situation is more complicated, as Jinyong’s books were initially banned. Despite Cha’s popularity, some of his novels were banned outside of Hong Kong due to political reasons. He was also part of the Preparatory Committee set up in by the Chinese government to monitor the transfer of yyong.


As a result, there are some differences between the original and my translation, but they are differences only of omission. His wuxia novels have a widespread following in Chinese communities worldwide.

We spoke almost exclusively in Cantonese, a foreign tongue for both of us, but his accent was far stronger than mine. These works have all been filmed many times for television and the cinema. Huawei ships a record million smartphones, hin US crackdown. Most of his novels were initially published in daily instalments in the newspaper.

In The Deer and the CauldronCha departed from his usual writing style, creating in its main protagonist Wei Xiaobao an antihero who is greedy, lazy, and utterly disdainful of traditional rules of propriety. At lunch one day with Louis Cha Leung-yung, the yonb author of the kung fu novels that inspired pretty much the entire fantasy universe of China today, he told me about how he was not alone in hoping that his works could achieve some measure of international recognition, commensurate with their impact in the Chinese world.

Why hairy crab is all the craze in China Oct 18th4: Before becoming legendary figures in Wucia, his characters all had their own moments of heartbreaks and broken promises, whether these heartbreaks were ones of love or hatred.