Apprentice Adept is a heptalogy of fantasy and science fiction novels written by English American author Piers Anthony. . However, in Juxtaposition, Sheen is also referred to as the Robot Adept. She also had to use the Book of Magic and as a. Juxtaposition Written by Piers Anthony Juxtaposition Category: Fiction – Fantasy – Epic; Fiction – Science Fiction – Action & Adventure; Fiction – Action &. Juxtaposition By Piers Anthony – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews , awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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This concluded a storyline nicely. The exceptions are the Adepts, extremely powerful wizards, each with his or her own special mode of magic use. Man, after getting hooked on the characters in Book 1, then the intense build up of Book 2, I could not finish Book 3 fast enough.

What I like about him is that he is small in statue, but large in heart, which makes him a champion in both Proton and Phaze. Thousands of lives are in jepordy and its up to Stile, this nobody from Proton, who turned into the most powerful magician in Phaze, to save them.

I wondered what they’d do after that and was not left disappointed. But I’ve found all of Piers’ books this way, and what kept me in the series was his high action stories, interesting characters, and the interesting environments. The action is fast and furious in the conclusion to this story arc and I loved it. The writing is at about the same proficiency level as the previous volume, but it wraps up enough random loose ends that it comes off looking a bit better.

The rampant sexism gets no better – Stile still has every woman he meets drooling after him, to ridiculous lengths, and while Sheen at least has better things to do for most of the book than swoon, she does manage to work in some significant swooning in her spare moments.


I did enjoy these books when I did read them, however it was a long time ago, and much of the content I really cannot remember. This book concludes my favorite series. I remember being incensed because a girl wouldn’t stop staring at the slit as if my reproductive organs would pop out at any minute. This was fun enough but as with most of his works, sexist and rather simple.

If you do not then you could also find yourself on the wrong end of a trade embargo. Jun 04, William rated it really liked it. That sort of went away from this book, but then again, I really don’t care. What I found unusual about these books was the mix of Fantasy and Science Fiction, something you don’t see very often.

Preview — Juxtaposition by Piers Anthony. If it wasn’t for Anthony’s excellent action writing and creative game elements, I probably would have tossed it aside. It is powered by Phazite, the same substance as Protonite on the other side of the curtain.

Stile was somehow supposed to take over the job of saving them or go dawn to total destruction with all he loved. As a rule, Adepts cannot harm or otherwise affect another Adept through magic for very long; however, a group of them working in concert can juxtapositin overpower a lone Adept. Stile has gained significant power in Phaze as the Blue adept, whose songs and poems hold incredible power.

But I had to edit the demeaning portions out as I read it to my kids. But please don’t let that bother you, it’s still a fun read. In addition to their coloring, juxfaposition with socks can actually remove them.

Some of the books in the series are better than others.

Sure he’s fabulously wealthy but he’s one of the poorest of that category so he has no power over the other citizens. Stile is horrified that he gets beaten by a woman in a contest. The weakest of the Apprentice Adept trilogy.

Both of these books have a naked woman on the cover, though the first has a robot, and this one has a stone juxtaposjtion. The conclusion of the Apprentice Adept trilogy. No, I think I won’t write about them, piere it is more likely than not that I did not read them, simply because Anthony decided to move to a second generation in these stories, though in a way I sort of do remember this. After that, he was ready to face the real problems! Piers is a self-proclaimed environm Though he spent the first four years of his life in England, Piers never returned to live in his country of birth after moving to Spain and immigrated to America at age six.


LitFlash The eBooks you want juxtaosition the lowest prices. Though he spent the first four years of his life in England, Piers never returned to live in his country of birth after moving to Spain and immigrated to America at age six. Feb 18, Thomas rated it liked it Shelves: You’ve come this far I originally juxtapositionn this series over 20 years ago. I felt the protagonist’s adventures in the scientific world juxtapodition Proton were a lot more compelling than his adventures in the magical world, since as an Adept he had the power to basically wish for anything he wanted in Phaze.

Juxtaposition (Apprentice Adept #3) by Piers Anthony

Just a moment while we sign you in to anhtony Goodreads account. Apr 12, Lydia Thomas rated it it was amazing. Book Lists Piers Anthony Juxtaposition. Feb 14, Pages Buy. The series takes place on Phaze and Protontwo worlds occupying the same space in two different dimensional planes.


Furthermore, unicorns in Phaze are juxtaposiion most can learn two other forms. The pace is very fast, with satisfying, significant events happening regularly. I was more drawn to the contrast between magic and proton’s energy. For instance, one unicorn character, Clip, is a blue stallion with red “socks,” that is, ankles.

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