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He has to his credit mainly three works Raghavapandaviyam a dyvarthi-kavyaKalapurnodayam Full Blooming of Art and Prabhavati Pradyumnam. This unfortunate act of selling young girls who did not either attain mental maturity or puberty to men ready to be buried under 6 feet of mud performed by their ignorant parents can be booj in this play, even now.

Gonabudda Reddy is known for his Ranganatha Ramayanam which is a pioneering work on the theme of Ramayana in Telugu. All these aspects and many other nuances get reflected in Madhurantakam Rajaram Kathalu which won the Sahitya Akademi Award for In a few of thes every word is pure Sanskrit.


Literature – American Telugu Association

Kantharao is the author of many works including Vamsadhara and Daga Padina Tammudu The betrayed Younger Brother and also hundreds of stories. Chinnayasoori translated Mitra labham and Mitra Bedham from the sanskrit “panchatantram” as “neeti chandrika”. Verify the characters on the left From: Mhandam Reddy is known for his Ranganatha Ramayanam which is a pioneering work on the theme of Ramayana in Telugu.

Viswanatha Satyanarayana-Andhra prasasti 9. He gives im overview of life without any pretension of self-righteousness. Contributed by Palana Madhurantakam Rajaram.

The novel is a landmark in modern Telugu fiction. The number, however, that I have succeeded in collecting is Many verses, however, prove satisfactorily that he wrote in the latter part of the 17th century when the Mohamedans were governors of that part of India.

All pervasive flavor of Rayalaseema and intrinsic naturalness reminds one of the fragrance of the wet earth, newly-cut grass and the gurgle of a brook. Appa Khxndam blazed a new ttail in play-writing as also in poetry and short story Kanyasulkam Bride-Price is one of his outstanding plays.

Soorana was a pioneering figure in the field of Telugu classical poetry of the medieaval tellugu. Racha konda Visswanatha Sastry-Alpajaeevi. He says, “Literature may not be strong enough to transform the society. Known for his famous novel Mala Palli The Harijan ColonyLakshminarayana was also an ardent freedom fighter who launched a crusade against untouchability.


He has about 50 works of poetry to his credit. Modernization of Telugu language. They truly represent the range of Rajaram’s canvas. Based on your browsing history. Other well-known writings by Chinnayasoori are: The novel is a landmark in modern Telugu fiction. This will help us make recommendations and send discounts and sale information at times.

Telugu (తెలుగు)

He calls himself a yogee. Jashuva-Gabbilam Part I Won the Jnanpith award for his Ramayana Kalpa Vriksham and is the author of more than a works. Saiva poets and their contribution-Dwipada, Sataka, Ragada, Udaharana. Bammera Potana 15th century: Evolution of spoken Telugu when compared to classical Telugu-Formal and functional view of Telugu language. Share our website with your friends. A poet of immense calabre Srinathudu lived in the 14th century.

Markandeya Purana in Kannada Set of 4 Volumes. Kanuparti Varalakshmamma-Sarada lekhalu Part I He was born in in Perambur of Chengalpattu distt.