The Farewell Sermon also known as Muhammad’s Final Sermon or the Last Sermon, is believed by Muslims to have been delivered by the Islamic prophet, Muhammad on the 9th of Dhu al-Hijjah, 10 AH (6 March ) in the Uranah valley of Mount Arafat, during the Islamic pilgrimage of Hajj. Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW – Khutbah Hajjatul Wida Islamic Articles and information in Urdu. Last address of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) (khutbah. Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) reached Arafa on the day of Hajj and his last sermon, which is also known as Khutba-e-Hujjat-ul-Wida.

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Part of a series on. Islam kuutba a very fine and lovely religion. W placed above in Urdu translation should read, understand and implement kuutba every muslim otherwise we are totally in loss. Then he addressed them in a speech and elucidated [certain things].

So beware of him in your religion, O people, intercalating a month is an increase in unbelief whereby the unbelievers go astray; one year they make it profane, and hallow it another, [in order] to agree with the number that God has hallowed, and so profane what God has hallowed, and hallow what God has made profane. In the last Khutba of Hazrat Muhammad S. And their right over you are that should treat them kindly with regard ,hutba their clothing and food.

Farewell Sermon

The Last Years of the Prophetas follows:. An example of this feature was Hazrat Bilal R.

Their rights upon you are that you should provide them with food and clothing in a fitting manner. O people, do you know what day this is? The Messenger of God would say to him. Ali NOman March 1, Everyone is free, all of them have a right to speak for their right.

Time woda completed its cycle [and is] as it was on the day that God wiva the heavens and the earth. My father narrated to me that he witnessed the farewell Hajj with the Messenger of Allah. State University of New York Press.


He will be pleased, however, if he is obeyed in a thing other than that, in matters you minimize. Let he who has a pledge return it to the one who entrusted him with it; all usury is abolished, but your capital belongs to you.

The sermon consists of a series of general exhortations for Muslims to follow the teachings that Muhammad had set forth in the Quran and sunnah. As for your rights over your women, then they must not allow anyone iwda you dislike to treat on your bedding furniturenor to admit anyone in your home that you dislike. Sood profit is haram in Islam and himself finished the sood.

And their rights over you are that you treat them well in clothing them and hxjj them.

He praised and glorified Allah, and reminder and exhorted the people. Listen to my words, for I do not know whether we shall meet again and perform Hajj after this year. It is not lawful for a person [to take] from his brother except that which he has given him willingly, so do not wrong yourselves.

If you ufdu have slaves or servants, he or she should eat the same food as you, wear the same clothes as you.

ISLAMIC EDUCATION: Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Urdu – Khutbah Hajjatul Wida

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All 4 Youth Nonprofit Organization. Sections of this page. Ghaur se parhain, sochain aur ammal karnay ka ehd kar lain: Stories of Prophet Muhammad S.

khutbah Hajjatul Wida in Urdu

Views Read Edit View history. Muhammad Adil December 4, Just as the Prophet PBUH was known as Ameen the trusted — all humans, if they are trusted must return whatever they have been asked t o take care of, to its rightful owners.


Complete column related to this wonderful and important topic is given below in Urdu. Sulaiman bin Amr bin Ahwas said: Then the Messenger of God proceeded to perform his pilgrimage, showing the people its rites and teaching them its customs.

The Prophet PBUH said that all dues, financial, from the times of Paganism and ignorance were wiped out and did not count.

The number of the months with God is twelve: I have left among you the Book of Allah, and if you hold fast to it, you would never go astray.

Farewell Sermon – Wikipedia

The last Khutba of Hazrat Muhammad S. He the Holy Prophet then raised his forefinger towards the sky and pointing it at the people said: Muhammad portal Islam portal. O people, the Messenger of God hjaj, do you know what month this is?

Place eida ad here Loading Treat women well, for they are [like] prisoners ‘awan with you and do not possess anything for themselves.

The Prophet PBUH said that the law of inheritance had been laid down in Islam through Shariah — there was no need of special testament for an heir to claim his share. God has made your blood and your property sacrosanct until you meet your Lord, like the sanctity of this month of yours. His is the first blood shed in the pre-Islamic days with which I shall set an example. An account of the sermon was collected by the early historian Ibn Ishaqas quoted in Ibn Hisham ‘s Sirah an-Nabawiyah and at-Tabari ‘s Tarikhwith minor differences.