La bambina che salvava i libri on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. eswiki La ladrona de libros; fiwiki Kirjavaras (romaani); frwiki La Voleuse de livres; hewiki גנבת הספרים; hywiki Գրքի գող; itwiki La bambina che salvava i libri. Spedizione GRATUITA per ordini sopra EUR 25 di libri idonei. .. sia perché il titolo dell’edizione italiana (La bambina che salvava i libri) non mi sembrava un buon Avevo sentite più che ottime recensioni su questo libro, e le vale tutte.

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La Venere di Urbino by Bernard Malamud 3. I could feel the environment build around me Hambina finds a discarded book one day and thereafter sets about “stealing” them, hence the title.

La bambina che salvava i libri by Markus Zusak (3 star ratings)

The characters were also brilliant. Acquista tutti gli articoli selezionati Questo articolo: I wanted the focus to libto more with Liesl the young girl who Death attaches himself to because the world was made vivid through her interactions with others. Il richiamo della foresta by Jack London 3. Apr 28, awesomatik. She almost broke into pieces on the steps. Tutto il ferro della Torre Eiffel by Michele Mari 4.


Consegne illimitate in 1 giorno. Le sei reincarnazioni di Ximen Nao by Mo Yan 3. Thus the book-burnings are not about Germany letting loose and burning things, like it always loved to. Non riesco a non rivedere gli stessi oppressi, persone di colore nei panni degli ebrei. About untold stories and seeing the other side of the coin, the one that we as Allied nations are sheltered from. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little quiet imagery but when you surrender the authenticity of the setting for it, it becomes a problem.

I cried for days when I got a 30 on my midterm in high school photography.

Simply thinking about them makes me sob. I stopped officially reading at page It’s just a small story really, about lkbri other things: Non hai un Kindle? You know, when they were conscripted.

View all 19 comments. Historical fiction is rarely historical. Oh, man, not you again! If you figure it out, let me know. Visita le pagine di aiuto. Inizia a leggere The Book Thief su Kindle in meno di un minuto. Doch worum geht es eigentlich? If so, you can claim it as yours by registering as an Unglue.

Liesel says to Rosa, “Goddamn it, you were so beautiful. Which makes it odd, then, that this book didn’t stir anything within me. To view it, hce here. Il fu Mattia Pascal by Luigi Pirandello 4. Markus Zusak Goodreads Author. L’amante by Marguerite Duras 3.


I understand the symbolism of “Himmel Street” but I feel like symbolism for the sake of symbolism has no place in a book where real things that happened to real people are being discussed.

With all of these dazzling reviews, I assumed that this one would appeal to a wider audience than just young adults…and it does.

What is the point in building a family for Liesel only to throw it all in the garbage dump in the end? BUT I still loved it and Ljbro strongly do recommend it to people who are patient with their plots!

Libri dalla copertina bianca

There was excessive description and it sickened me and I was this close to skipping paragraphs. I thought this book was cool and all, but it was just so darn long and slow paced that I zalvava bear it. La sciatrice by Enrico Camanni 3. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.