Lepra tuberculoide. Rios González, Carlos Miguel Cátedra de Dermatología. Facultad de Ciencias Médicas. Universidad Nacional de Caaguazú. Paraguay. El 65,4 % de los casos índices fueron hombres y 22 (84,6 %) lepromatosos; dos tenían lepra indeterminada y dos tuberculoide. Los casos secundarios fueron. La lepra o malaltia de Hansen és una malaltia infectocontagiosa però difícilment . que estaran engruixits i es podran palpar, sobretot a la lepra tuberculoide.

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Determining the occurrence of leprosy amongst couples and establishing the type of leprosy in index and secondary cases.

In most nerve samples tuberculoid type of disease was identified. Full text available only in PDF format. Although the position of a given patient on this spectrum is relatively stable the immune response which characterises tuberculoid leprosy may deteriorate in untreated patients, especially in those who suffer malnutrition or other infections Tubercuoide of paracetamol, haloperidol, NPH insulin and rohypnol.

The resulting nodules may become ulcerated.

This leads to arthritis and septic osteomyelitis of non-leprous origin, accompanied by bone destruction and compromised movement due to muscular paralysis also secondary to nerve the damagewhich results in osteoporosis and bone atrophy.

When the primary case was paucibacillary, no multibacillary leprosy occurred in the secondary case. Patients with lepromatous leprosy are highly infectious, although leepra exposed tubecruloide individuals do not contract the disease. The facial skin shows areas of localized swelling, with deep furrows between them.


The reason for the different immune response of the two clinical forms remains unclear. Blood tests upon admission corroborated the anaemic state and the hepatic and renal alterations indicated previously.

Dermatology Online Journal

Treatment is difficult as it must be continued for long periods, requires several drugs with adverse effects and proves very expensive, particularly for less developed countries. There were some pigmented lesions on the distal third of the hard palate; the rest of the mucosa showed a normal appearance Figures 2 and 3.

Review of the cases of Hansen disease neuropathy diagnosed in Neuropathology Unit of Centro Hospitalar do Porto between andatending to gender, age, clinical manifestations and neuropathological findings.

The antibodies produced by a given bacterial species may be capable of combining with membrane receptors of other species.

Ortner D, Aufderheide AC, eds. In many places where poverty abounds they continue to be endemic 14 tuberculiide, although isolated in the case of leprosy or not-so-isolated cases may still appear in developed countries, as has occurred with tuberculosis in the context of the Aids pandemic.

De las Aguas, T.

Hansen Neuropathy: Still a Possible Diagnosis in the Investigation of a Peripheral Neuropathy.

Treatment plan upon discharge: Leprosy situation in the world and multidrug therapy tuberculoode. Their border is much less defined than in the tuberculoid form of leprosy. As few bacilli are found in the lesions of this clinical form it is known as paucibacillary.


Certain complications, such as pyogenic infection with abscess formation and sepsis, may produce an abrupt and fatal change in the disease course.

Lepra – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

Domiciliary care to be arranged for treating the ulcers. His skin was dry, pale and sclerotic.

This invasion usually occurs indirectly, via lesions in the surrounding soft tissues or, less often, via the blood. They were aged from 20 to Male patient aged 65 with no known allergies; he smokes twenty cigarettes a day and has a history of moderate alcohol abuse.

Int J Lepr other Mycobact Dis Lepromatous rhinitis may spread to the maxilla and be complicated by secondary pyogenic infections. Diet to include carbohydrate monitoring and dietary supplements. ReadCube Visualizar o texto.

Facial and oral examination: Multiple amputations bilateral metacarpophalangeal, left metatarsophalangeal and nose due to relapsing infection of the septum, performed during the active phase of the disease Figure 1 secondary to the leprous infection.