Océ LightJet’s imaging technology ensures a constant pixel size, shape, and intensity over the DIMA SHOOT OUT AT PMA , , , , LightJet applicable only to the LightJet ▫ LightJet applicable only to the LightJet ▫ LightJet – applicable only to the LightJet Destiny Deacon, Adoption (/). Light-jet print from Polaroid original. x cm. Courtesy of the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery Destiny Deacon.

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Most bookmarked in this forum. Oct 15, Textron Aviation Inc. By using this site, you agree ilghtjet the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Auctioneer has chosen not to publish the price of this lot. Which lasts the longest before showing signs of sides of fading?

Cymbolic Systems Lightjet Auctions Online | Proxibid

It is Not for advertising, it’s for fine art. Your credit card added through the Bidspotter. Ink is Not applied to the surface.

The others did not. Applicable sales tax depending on the sale location will be lightjwt to all purchases except as follows: All purchases through www.

Each bid carries with it an obligation to pay any applicable sales, use, excise or transfer tax in addition to the bid amount. Unexposed silver-halide AgX photographic paper is temporarily fixed ligthjet a stationary internal drum, where three digitally controlled lasers simultaneously expose the photo-sensitive emulsion on the paper medium or back-lit transparency medium with red, green and blue laser light.


Cymbolic Systems Lightjet 2000 Film Recorder; 2032 Dpi; 8×10; S/n 6502606

The Auctioneer ligutjet the right to sell on behalf of third parties, its own account or on the account of others.

Purchasers shall pay applicable federal and provincial taxes, or furnish exemption certificates at the time of payment for goods purchased. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Best cameras and lenses If such subsequent sale amount, less costs of resale, is greater than the amount owed on the original bid, the defaulting bidder has no claim to the excess. October 22 — December 3, However the prints made with the Oce Lightjet and the Epson have important qualities that can be measured.

Fred Lonidier at Michael Benevento – Art Viewer

All purchases must be removed at buyers’ expense and responsibility by 4: Oce is made by Canon Inc. Which shows the finest detail? But there are prejudices here, many photographers feel only the light process is valid for printing their images. Your question has been sent to the auctioneer.


Longevity Which has the greatest choice of media to print on? Your registration has been successful. Several artists work on inkjets. You are the current highest bidder! We have thousands of new lots everyday, start a new search.

In no event shall Roller and Associates, Inc. The purpose of this round imaging dot is to maintain edge to edge sharpness on the final print. LightJet printers and film recorders are used by a number of professional-level photographic printing firms. To fairly compare both printers I think you must consider both the the lightjett specifications as well as your or your clients personal preference.

Both have potential to produce amazing images but the cost difference sets them far apart. This will be added to the purchase price and is subject to all applicable sales taxes. AutoCheck found record s for this. 200 Information Wire Transfers: Accept Cookies Learn More.