Lightolier CCWHISPLC-X It’s expensive, but it’s probably the best switch of its kind out there. I can’t remember the other manufacturer/brand, but. These include X10 commands as well as INSTEON. I currently use them to operate ceiling fans controlled by Lightolier CCWHISPLC switches. Lightolier┬« Controls provides fan controls to suit the needs of any room decor. Rotary l i g h t o l i e r ┬« c o n t r o l s Fan. Controls CCWHISPLC. -W-I-AL.

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Member Helpful Post Rating: Started by perryje, December 25th, Compose Plug-in Help by gozland. Rupp, Sorry, wasn’t clear about what I meant.

Thank you Martin; for the information. I’m talking about the “Control” feature of the device command drop down list using hs. Search in titles only Search in Compose Lightolier lgihtolier Search.

Support for Compose devices? New Lightolier PLC fan controller by prsmith Last Post by rbrun April 26th, Started by AutomatedOutletFebruary 10th, You can change the drop down list with a script, but you need at least one event and a script to cause anything to happen when you select an entry from that drop lihhtolier list. Lightolier Compose PLC by rbrun. Another thought would be to create an event that triggers on a specific device code other than the one of the fan. I’m not sure, but one possible way would be to create 3 events.


I have one set up but it is not transmitting status and I was under the impression that they do. Discussions related to the Lightolier Compose plug-in.

Started by wa6pxx, November 22nd, Last Post by lpcalcaterra October 8th, Another Compose Fan Control switch question by Rupp. Last Post by bdickhaus August 1st, Compose Fan Control switch wiring question. The controller has three settings: Last Post by Uncle Michael October 1st, Compose not working with ver 2.


July 31st, Is there any way add a custom device with your own set of dim ligbtolier I don’t know why they took them off the site, at one point they had a special on them, maybe they are temporarily sold out? The Lightolier ccwhisplc is part of their Compose Series of controllers and modules. Since Lightolier may not be a commonly used item with AHP. If you don’t send it the exact setting for that speed, it chooses a speed, but I’m not sure exactly how it decides which speed to go to, whether its the next highest, or next lowest, where the cutoff is between the two, etc.

Lightolier dimmers Special Offers: Sports Linkup Shop : Lightolier dimmers Special Offers

Started by prsmithJuly 31st, Last Post by Rick Tinker April 22nd, Lightolier support by lpcalcaterra Started by lpcalcaterraDecember 13th, Compose Scene Detection by Richfd. Started by dmohr, June 6th, Started by pasha, September 15th, The event is triggered by any command for a control device code not the device code of the fan The script only responds to ON or OFF. Compose and X10 by bcard It might be nice to have fan speed control based on room temperature and I can especially use this in the sunroom which gets very hot in the summer afternoons.


Last Post by dschoppe January 4th, Compose PI flakin’ out by lpcalcaterra.

[How-Do-I] Get Status From a CCWHISPLC (used for fan control)?

Last Post by lpcalcaterra December 13th, Last Post by prsmith February 11th, Got on the phone and got it straightened out. Created by the Community, for the Community. I think the only way to change the dropdown list for a device is using a plug-in, but I will spend some time this weekend researching this because I want to do it for some virtual devices I have set up for something else.