Editorial Reviews. Review. “A positively delightful story from a master yarn spinner!” –William Living with the Lama – Kindle edition by T. Lobsang Rampa. THIS WORK IS PROOF THAT ANIMALS ARE NOT THE ‘DUMB CREATURES’ MANY PEOPLE MAKE THEM OUT TO BE! This book is NOT a work of fiction, but . Results 1 – 30 of 74 LIVING WITH THE LAMA by LOBSANG RAMPA and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Retrieved from ” https: The book store’s owner told me that “he’s a total fraud.

Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution. I read this book years ago and I really enjoyed the clever way in which the Lama’s Cat “writes” it’s own Diary, telepathically transmitted to the Lama Lobsang endures capture and torture until he once again, escapes by driving luxury cars.

From a rather early point onwards, it’s all “And then we bought a new car, but it turned out not to be to our satisfaction, so we bought another lamx, and then we got tired of living where we were living, so we moved somewhere else Pretty much the only thing this book has got going for it is its basic premise; the idea of writing a book from a cat’s perspective rapa somewhat interesting. Oriental Religions and Magic Category 2: Books by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa.

I am sure,all Livihg Lobsang Rampa reader’s will no doubt find this book very hard to except. It was created by Tbe Barker and published by Saucerian Books in who used Rampa’s name and manuscript without his permission.

Living with the Lama by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

Wisdom of the Ancients – The second of two self-training books in metaphysics. Sheelagh was known as ‘Buttercup’ in his books. Rampa maintained for the rest of his life that Wjth Third Eye was a true story. You can also discover the outcome of Lobsang’s personal predictions for Sheelagh.


It contains information NOT found in any of his other popular works.

Living with the Lama: 25 Years with Lobsang Rampa

This book explains in clear simple terms how to start learning certain metaphysics and the dos and don’t in achieving that goal. Faced with repeated accusations from the British press that he was a charlatan and a con artistRampa went to live in Canada in the s. Rampa wasn’t totally happy about this recording, perhaps because of the wording ‘Give’.

I thought it looked pretty funny since it’s written narratively from his cat’s perspective; Ms Fifi Greywhiskers More exercises on breathing, stones, diets and why you shouldn’t exercise.

Starting point for those wishing to know how to take real Aura pictures. Lobsang joins The Chakpori Lamasery and learns the most secret of Tibetan esoteric sciences and much more I did “rescue” this one from Amazon or whomever as I have a paperback at my housepublished latest edition but goes back to the ‘s has Siamese cat resting precariously on bald head in picture on front cover which I may try to upload later.

A little boring at the middle end but with a heart-touch ending. This is RA’AB’s fifth and last book. Lobsang Rampa went on to write another 18 books containing a mixture of religious and occult material. For the rest of your life you will see people as they are and not as they pretend to be. I didn’t try to compare with other book with same title but subtitled 25 years etc. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa Format: I’ve the years I have borrowed the book to other who’re much older then o was when I read it and they didn’t shre the enthusiasm.

The monk spoke to him about Rampa taking over his body and Hoskin agreed, saying that he was dissatisfied with his current life. Twilight – Lobsang explains astral travel and it’s levels. As the projecting sliver was being bound into place so that it could not move, the Lama Mingyar Dondup turned to me and said: Refresh and try again.

Further information is in his book called ‘You Forever’ I have since discovered that Dr.


Lobsang Rampa

I read a couple of the books of this series as a young girl but lobsamg was my favorite from them all. Surely if you do not believe anything that Lobsang Rampa writes you would not be reading his books. Laura Ragucci rated it liked it Aug 24, As It Was – As it was then – as it is now – and what’s to possible come.

The original manuscript was written by Rampa, but this book was not. A model attribution edit summary using German: It was very cute and well written, a quick read. May 24, Linda R rated it really liked it.

He’s genuinely trying to maintain the pretense that he is a Lama, yet offers up a book told to him telepathically by a cat.

We are shown a glimpse into the Tibetan way of Lamasery life and the deep understanding of spiritual knowledge.

The title of the book is derived lobsnag an operation, similar to trepanationthat Rampa claimed he had undergone, in which a small lobsnag was drilled into his forehead to arouse the third eye and enhance powers of clairvoyance. Animals are not dumb creatures as many humans think, we are ones who are dumb in comparison as all animals – with the exception of most humans – can calk to each other by simple telepathy.

Trivia About Living with the L Lobsang Rampa went on to write another 18 books containing a mixture of religious and occult material. Candlelight – In this book Lobsang tells us about pendulums and how to use them, Zodiacs. You must provide copyright attribution in the edit summary by providing an interlanguage link to lliving source of your translation. You Forever – The first of two self-training books in metaphysics.