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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This explains, in both cases, why the sublime is wiswen experience of pleasure as well as pain. University of Paris B. Retrieved from ” https: He points out that no one seemed to agree on what, if anything, was real and everyone had their own perspective and story.

Jean-François Lyotard, Das postmoderne Wissen, , Personenregister

Lyptard terms draw lines that cannot be crossed and yet they mark the threshold of that which is most valuable for the philosophy, that which is to be testified to and its proper concern. The different and the sublime are negative terms that introduce a severe pessimism at the core of Lyotard’s philosophy.

If the addressor, the addressee, and the sense of the testimony are neutralized, everything takes place as if there were no damages. Lyotard is a skeptic for modern cultural thought. This work-in-progress was published posthumously in the same year of Lyotard’s death. Manchester University Press,p.

He is best known for his articulation of postmodernism after the late s and the analysis of the impact of postmodernity on the human condition.

The Sublime lyofard, Judaismsociology. In Lyotard’s works, the term ‘language games’, sometimes also called ‘phrase regimens’, denotes the multiplicity of communities of meaning, the innumerable and incommensurable separate systems in which meanings are produced and rules for their circulation are created.


Inwhile preparing for a conference on postmodernism and media theoryhe died unexpectedly from a case of leukemia that had advanced rapidly. Figures of Postwar Philosophy. What is deeply unsettling about the mathematically sublime is that the mental faculties that present visual perceptions to the mind are inadequate to the concept corresponding to it; in other words, what we are able to make ourselves see cannot fully match up to what we know is there.

Kant stresses that if we are in actual danger, our feeling of anxiety is very different from that of a sublime feeling. Lyotard is fascinated by this admission, from one of the philosophical architects of the Enlightenment, that the mind cannot always organise the world rationally. Why should these differences be privileged over an endless division and reconstruction of groups?

Our sensibility is incapable of coping with such sights, but our reason can assert the finitude of the presentation.

Writings on Contemporary Art and Artists 7 volumes ed. University of Minnesota Press, Print. The Challenge of the Postmodern Age p.

Das postmoderne Wissen | Lyotard Jean-François

With this said, I must also observe that this work lyottard of vital importance in a period when revisionism of all stripes attempts to rewrite, and often simply deny, the occurrence of historical and cultural events, i. The point is that any event ought to be able to be understood in terms of the justifications of this metanarrative; anything that happens can be understood and judged according to the discourse of human emancipation.

I postmodeerne conclude only by suggesting that this work, despite the formidable difficulties inherent to its carefully articulated arguments, offers readers a rich formulation of precise questions for and about the current period of critical transition and re-opening in philosophy, ethics and aesthetics.


But universals are impermissible in a world that has lost faith in metanarratives, poatmoderne so it would seem that ethics is ljotard. Rapport sur le Savoir. Socialisme ou Barbarie had an objective to conduct a critique of Marxism from within during the Algerian war of liberation. This presents a double bind. It has often been thought that universality is a condition for something to be a properly ethical statement: Lyotard develops this view of language by defining “reality” in an original way, as a complex of possible senses attached to a referent through a name.

Lyotard found particularly interesting the explanation of the sublime offered by Immanuel Kant in his Critique of Judgment sometimes Critique of the Power of Judgment. Years later, this led him into writing his book The Inhuman lyotadr, published inin which he illustrates a world where technology has taken over. Key Themes and ThinkersBlackwell Publishing, p.

University of Lgotard Press,p.

University of Minnesota Press. Lyotard’s work is characterised by a persistent opposition to universalsmeta-narrativesand generality.

Jean-François Lyotard

Here a politics, there a therapeutics, in both cases a posmoderne theology, on top of the arbitrariness and the roaming of forces”. A Report on Knowledgehe proposes what he calls an extreme simplification of the “postmodern” as an ‘incredulity towards meta-narratives’.

Lyotard argues that we have ceased to believe that narratives of this kind are adequate to represent and contain us all. Justice and injustice can only be terms within language games, and the universality of ethics is out of the window.