Mackie Designs has recently released the CFX group of consoles. These boards have many of the features found on Mackie’s SR and CM. Find great deals for Mackie CFX20 Mixer 20 Channel Compact Integrated Live Sound Mixer. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Shop for the Mackie CFX Mixer and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price.

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Mackie CFX20 MKII 20 Ch Live Sound Mixer With Fx | PSSL

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Again it is not being used live, only used in home home studio thru a few Roland Studio cdx-20, I really feel the need to upgrade as the behringer is quite noisy and I felt the Mackie would give me better sound quality, pre-amps, effects and improved overall performance based off the Mackie brand and rep Any guidance or experience you have with this would be appreciated.

I really like it. Doesnt have a lot of bells and whistles I consider that a good thing and it sounds great to my ears. It’s as quiet as whatever you plug cffx-20 it; meaning that it generates no noise that i can hear. For home recording though, not your best choice since it doesnt have individual outputs for each channel. For a while, I had the notion that Mackie was a good brand. Anymore, I’m not convinced. Just yesterday, I was talking to mackiie guy in a studio down the way from ours who was using a Mackie mixer I think.


Periodically, the thing mxckie send an awful alarm sounding buzz through every out on the board at maximum volume. He sent it in to Mackie not once, not twice but three times.

Every time it was “fixed”. Didn’t tell him why, but that it was “fixed”. Upon the third time, dfx-20 told them not to send the mixer back to him – they did, telling him it was fixed. It did it again. Aside from their speakers sucking, there a IMO, it’s kind of a lateral move.

I agree that it’s a latral move, but if you are just using macie for monitoring, maybe it’s not a big deal whatever you use? As long as it work of course.

Are you sure the noise is coming from your Behringer? I assume it is, as the light hum is not from the keyboards I have connected Those are the only instruments connected to the mixer, so when I boast the gain I hear the humm Please share rationale for the comments That said, either one will probably do what you need if functioning properly.

I too had the CFX When I became the DeFacto soundguy, I knew nothing except the basics. Sound goes from mic-mixer-amp-speakers.

So I bought cheap, and made it work. Truthfully, I can’t remember if there were any issues with the board. I knew it worked, and everyone was happy after the gigs. Now, I have some knowledge about what I am doing, and also the quality of the equipment I am using.


Now I know the difference between a Behringer Euromixer, and a can of Shinola. I have owned 5 mackie mixers and the CFX series was the only one that I really regretted buying. It was a POS in my opinion. I was using it for live sound not studio work so your results may be different. Even a Behringer shouldn’t add substantial noise.

Try sending a hotter signal from the keyboard and turning the preamp gain down on the mixer. I prefer the MXA. The CFX is definitely not a step up from the Behringer. Both are basically low end consumer boards and I would not use either one of them in a mission critical situation. The Behringer has some quality problems and some poor business practices.

Mackie CFX20 MKII Live Sound Mixer

The CFX has a relatively high rate of macke due to ribbon problems and some documented power supply problems. That kind of makes it a wash. Mackie’s reputation for quality has taken a huge hit over the past few years. Did you try unplugging everything from the Behringer to see if you still had the noise.

I think it might be coming from somewhere else. There’s also a negative side. Thompson Band promo shots on railroad tracks were cool in I suggest nackie look into at least a Yamaha.

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