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However, the aforementioned conventional seal assemblies suffer from several disadvantages. Areas in focus; Customers One annular seal element 30 is inverted to allow the key portion 36 of the other element 30 to engage the axial slot 32 thereof. Additionally, the PTFE element is too soft to bridge small ports and can trap and hold contaminants that cause cylinder bore scoring.

The axial dimension of the key portion 36 of each seal element 30 is preferably slightly less than the axial dimension of the axial notch 62 thereby engaged.

This radial force prevents both leakage and extrusion of the support element into the small space where each slot and it’s complementary key portion engage.

The soft sealing element, while providing excellent non-dynamic sealing properties very little driftnonetheless is subject to wear and proves unable to bridge small ports because of its tendency to extrude into a port when under pressure. A SumoBrain Solutions Company. Accordingly, the pair of oppositely sloped surfaces 34 of each annular seal element 30 in this embodiment of the instant invention is disposed radially between the male key portion 36 of the complementary nesting seal macrotecb 30 and the annular support element View map and ratings for Macrotech Polyseal, Inc.

The annular seal elements each have an axial slot therein, bounded by a pair of beveled end surfaces tapered from the exterior radius thereof to the interior radius thereof that prevent extrusion of the resilient support element into the axial slot. This location is in the Poplar Grove neighborhood. The tapered surfaces of the axial slot in the seal elements closely engage the key portion of the complementary element, thereby prohibiting the more resilient support element from being forced into the axial oolyseal when under pressure.


The PTFE element reduces the tendency of the seal to wear over time but is expensive and difficult to install because it must be stretched into place.

Macrotech Polyseal

Macrotech Polyseal Inc ‘s products, services, reviews, address, phone number, driving directions, hours of operation and more. Each annular seal element 30 has a key portion 36 extending axially therefrom that engages the axial notch 62 of a corresponding inverted annular seal element MacRotech Polyseal IncAddress: In a preferred embodiment of the instant invention, the key portion 36 is disposed degrees from the axial slot 32 around the circumference of the annular element Categorized under Manufacturing Companies.

Additionally, this feature of the instant invention allows the nested annular seal elements 30 to shift against the downstream axial wall 16 of the circumferential groove 12 when system pressure shifts from one side of the seal assembly 20 to the other, prior to the support element 50 shifting to the downstream axial wall Next Patent Seal for integral po The annular seal elements 30 are comprised of a relatively hard wear resistant material, such as nylon.

A further object of the instant invention is a seal assembly having a pair of seal elements each having an axial slot therein and a complementary axial key portion thereon such that, when inverted, the axial slot engages the key portion of the complementary seal element.

Macrotech Polyseal Inc.

Part of the agreement was for SKF to acquire the remaining 49 percent of the shares Referring to drawing FIG. This feature of the instant invention allows the seal elements to float in the gland while maintaining each element in close proximity to it’s complement such that a reverse in pressure direction rapidly forces the elements together to maintain a leak-proof seal.

Community-created profile of Macrotech Polyseal, Inc.

Additionally, the macrotefh flexible dynamic sealing elements require strict attention to manufacturing tolerances to obtain an accurate fit in the piston gland, thereby increasing unit cost. One annular seal element 30 is inverted to allow the key portion 36 of the other element 30 to closely engage the axial notch 62 thereof, thereby providing a pair of seal elements 30 arranged in an inverted nesting relationship.


These seal assemblies provide a fluid barrier between reciprocating piston rods or pistons and a fluid under pressure by means of a dynamic sealing element that provides radial force against a rod shaft or a piston wall, thereby preventing fluid flow from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure.

As shown in FIG. Additional objects, features, and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from the subsequent detailed description, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing figures. Each seal element further has a key portion extending axially therefrom, disposed degrees away from the axial slot around the circumference of the annular sealing element.

Patent Buddy is the world’s most extensive database and networking A resilient annular support element comprised of an elastomer is disposed between the sealing elements and the radial wall of the seal gland to provide radial sealing force against the relatively displaceable machine part, thereby preventing the flow of fluid between the seal elements and the machine part.

Pklyseal December 31 from https: This feature of the invention allows the support element 50 to expand in volume in the circumferential groove 12 while polysela the seal assembly 20 from over-filling the groove 12thereby causing seal damage or possibly failure.

Most solid PTFE seals require stretching in order to be. The axial surfaces 34 bounding the slot 32 of one element 30 are engaged by the beveled surfaces 40 of the key portion 36 of the other element, thereby providing a pair of seal elements 30 polyseall in an inverted nesting relationship.


Shamban Industrial Products, Turcon View Tommy Zitting’s professional profile on LinkedIn. Ratings, reviews, hours, phone number and directions from Macroetch yet further object of the invention is to provide a seal assembly having a support element that ensures that the assembly retains proper orientation in the seal groove throughout the useful life thereof.

The glide ring piston seal macrtech also difficult to install in a seal gland and is subject to cutting and chipping upon installation.