Is there a “User” oriented manual that explains how Mantis is intended to be used in a software development environment, one that has at least. 7 MANTIS developers’ guide. 27 Access to the Mantis source code for installation: git clone MANTIS is a free, open source bug tracking software. It can be used to track bug for various software projects. You can easily download and.

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Delete note – The access levels required for a user to delete a note that they may or may not have reported themselves.

It is highly recommended to maintain a separate directory for each release. Required On Report If checked, the field must be filled in on the issue reports. Users can be mentioned using their username and not realname. Creating a user in the database. If the value matches the expression, then the value is stored.

Specifies whether to enable support for project documents or not. Status to assign to the bug when feedback is required from the issue reporter. Whether sub-projects should inherit versions from parent projects. This is used by PHP 5. By default administrators are the only users who can delete user accounts.

The HTML code is allowed to enter the database as is. A number of pages exist under the “Manage” link. Default user preferences to enable receiving emails when bugnotes are added to bugs. It is free to redistribute as long as you abide by the distribution terms of the GPL.

If you would like for a severity to not count towards effectiveness, set the value to 0 for that severity.


The default value is ASC. An issue can be created via one of the following channels: For testing regular expressions, use Rubular. Provides the ability to generate and revoke tokens that can be used by applications and services to access MantisBT via its APIs. These tasks cover the download and deployment of MantisBT, and should be performed prior to any new installation or upgrade.

MANTIS Bug Tracker Tutorial For Beginners

Bug has no handler, and a new handler is selected. The usual command is 1 step: It links to the duplicate issue which allows users to read up on the original issue report. All fields are also compared against the regular expression. It is not recommended to use development releases in production specially if it is still in the alpha stage unless the administrator is familiar with PHP and is mantisbg to troubleshoot and fix any issues that may arise.

It is similar to the user definition of a profile consisting of Platform, OS and Version. This page changes user alterable parameters for the system. Defines what errors are displayed and how.

Server Software Requirements 2. Hence, the account can be re-enabled and all the account history will remain intact. This means, Mantis can be installed centrally on the server and users can interact with it through web-browsers using a website from any computer. For example, an issue can be resolved as “fixed”, “duplicate”, mangisbt fix”, “no change required”, etc.

Email an email address string up to characters When displayed, the value will also be encapsulated in a mailto: PLAIN – password is stored in plain, unencrypted text in the database. The news feature is deprecated in favor of being moved to a plugin. Note mnaual posting messages is restricted to subscribers so you will have to register before you can send messages; however, there are public archives available if you’re only interested in reading.


Hence, the customized statuses list will be mapped to these three stages.

MANTIS Bug Tracker Tutorial For Beginners

Log to a specific file, specified as an absolute path, e. This language is used by the GUI and in email notifications. Further details can be found in the PHP documentation. This is a button that appears on the issue view pages for users that are authorized to close issues.

Each user id is listed as well as why they are added, or deleted from the recipient list. Additionally having multiple meanings would be a nice touch. The limit for the number of news entries to be displayed. A box that is not to be shown can have its value set to 0.

This step is normally only required for new installations, but when upgrading you may want to review and possibly customize any new configuration options.

Google font family list offered to the user to chose from. Additionally, manuap of administrators updating accounts are not sent to users. Configure the web server with.

Mantis – Installation

If a string does not exist in the active language, the English string mantiabt used instead. This is the path to the language directory of your installation. It essentially supplies a list of users defined in the system. For MySql, this should be hostname or hostname: The values changeable on this page are:.